Monday, October 30, 2006


Teplet was launched on this day in 2005!
I certainly did not envisage at the time just how special it would become. Aside from being a fabulous point of reference for all those precious moments in Coby's 1st year, we've received wonderful feedback from all our family and friends. The best compliment anyone could pay to us was to be the inspiration in launching further blogs, namely Lola, Louis, Alicia and Thomas.

Thank you for all your support and enthusiasm over the last year - thank you also for all the complaints when Teplet hasn't been updated for a few days!!

Teplet will soon start to include video clips of Coby, so continue to catch up regularly and enjoy!

Love Always x

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Coby & Courtney

On Thursday we saw Courtney and his mummy, Bobbi. The boys were very good together and shared a round of toast. Over the weekend, Courtney's daddy Scott, text us to say Coby must have been a good influence because since our visit Courtney is now sitting up properly and pulling himself into a standing position. He's also had his first 'little accident' on their lovely cream carpet!!

7 month old Courtney

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Coby's Little Fan Club

Today we paid a visit to Sarah & Hannah. They couldn't believe how much Coby had grown since they last saw him. Sarah insisted I take some good pictures and told me to "put them on the blog when you get home, please"

Yes Sarah! Here you go...

Coby with Sarah...

...and Hannah

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Cool Cousins

Coby and his cousin Jack played together so lovely today. They shared toys and played ball and caught bubbles and watched Balamory together, or Barry, as Jack likes to call it. Jack's mummy and daddy, Jodie & Matt, bought him over to uncle Tom & auntie Christine's house and we had a great afternoon. Uncle Tom makes a smashing cup of tea!

Jodie blows bubbles for the boys

Coby has his turn on Lightning McQueen

Two playful little boys

Two tired out little boys

Coby has a snuggle with Uncle Tom

Jack & Jodie & Sarah & Coby

"See you again soon everyone and thank you for my birthday presents.
I can't wait to open them in a few weeks on my 1st birthday!"

Friday, October 20, 2006

BIG MILESTONE: Coby's 1st Day at Nursery

Coby is now attending nursery every Friday afternoon so mummy can have a few hours to herself and, more importantly, Coby gets to have a break from mummy. He has had a couple of 'test' sessions to ease him into nursery life and to make the transition smoother for mum and dad. The staff in Coby's room have already expressed their dismay that he is only attending one afternoon each week and the feedback I've received about him is delightful. He is very sociable, likes to explore and is very well behaved. I couldn't resist taking a picture of his bag hanging on his little coat hook...

Teacher's Pet

Every Friday morning at Sing & Sign, Coby heads straight for Caroline, the teacher and stands with his hands on her knees listening intently. Today he decided he wanted to sit with her all the time, which meant mummy was redundant with no one to sing and sign to. Lola also likes to sit up front and there was nearly a full on fight today for a sponge dinosaur!

Coby learns the sign for fish with Lola, Ewan, Louie and Arran

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Babies in Pyjamas

Coby and his pals all came along to The Music Train today in their pyjamas to help raise money for Matthew Dale. Matthew has a very serious type of cancer and he currently undergoing chemotherapy.

Thank you to everyone that supported Matthew by sponsoring Coby - he has raised £500 in donations. Joining Coby were his friends Alice, Beatrice, Benjamin, Charlie, Che, Daniel, Emily, Finlay, Maisie, Noah, Olivia and Thomas.

Coby (third from right) with his Music Train chums

Coby enjoys the free play session at the end

Coby & Noah pose in their pyjamas

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The joy of more than one...

I am completely amazed by parents who have more than one baby at a time and often wonder what it must be like. I am sure there are tough times...and then there are the rewards. Switch your sound need to hear this in all its glory and prepare to laugh your ass off.

Rough 'N' Tumble

Coby was joined by Louis and Oliver at Castaways in Stevenage today. All three boys had tremendous fun in the ball pit. Oliver was practically submerged...

Tiny Shoes for Tiny Feet

Coby has his very first pair of shoes! I took him along to Mothercare on Monday where he was fitted for some 'cruisers' - shoes designed for babies who are not yet walking, but standing and moving while holding on. Coby is a size 3G with wider than average feet and the sales assistant, Rose, took a picture of this special moment...

Bon Voyage!

Over the weekend we took a trip to Lincolnshire to visit the family. Auntie Lorraine is emmigrating to New Zealand so she had a big party on Saturday night. Coby didn't come along to the party because it was very late, and thank goodness he didn't. There was a rather cheeky stripper! Coby stayed over with his nanna and grandpa, who are pictured here getting ready for our night out. I stayed with Coby for an hour or so, before grandpa headed home to take over. Grandpa was relieved that he missed the stripper and I arrived just in time to catch him...

Nanna Ann & grandpa Les

On Sunday we popped in to say goodbye to auntie Lorraine. It was very tough because we are not going to see her again for some time, but she is very excited about starting a new life in New Zealand and taking up a nursing position in Auckland. A very courageous step to be taking, but we know she is going to have fun and we wish her all the love and luck in the world.


Monday, October 16, 2006

11 Months Old Today!

Nearly there! Almost a year old, but not quite!
Coby is 11 months old today and I can hardly believe it.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I Can Feed Myself Thanks!

Coby is becoming fiercly independent lately. He pushes us out of the way when we try to feed him or change his nappy, often resulting in 'little accidents'...

"Yes leave me to it please mum!
I can manage perfectly well on my own"

"See I can get more in my mouth this way"

"Oh, mum help - its so frustrating"

Friday, October 06, 2006

Trouble All Over

Coby and his pals are crawling all over the place now. And with this comes little bumps and falls and very tired mummies and daddies. If I don't shift these 'love handles' now, I never will!

Maddy and I found something that did keep Coby & Louis occupied for longer than the usual 10 seconds...

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sponsor Coby

During the week commencing 16th October, The Music Train are asking all children (and any grown ups brave enough) to attend The Music Train in their pyjamas. The teachers will all be in their nightwear too so it should be an interesting week all round!

The Music Train are raising money to help a lovely family who have attended for many years. Matthew, who will be 3 years old in November, was suddenly diagnosed with a very serious form of cancer in August 2006 and is undergoing treatment which is likely to span many months.

His father initially had to take time off work and can now only work reduced hours. Unfortunately, he only gets paid for the hours actually worked, and as a result, financial concerns are beginning to put an extra pressure on the family. The Music Train are hoping to raise enough money to see the family through this difficult time, with any extra raised being donated to a cancer charity.

Coby will be joining in to help Matthew and will attend his Music Train class on Thursday 19th October in his PJ's. Please sponsor him as generously as you can, and if at all possible, donate your money at the time of sponsoring. This will mean that money raised will reach the family as quickly as possible. Just click on comments below and leave your name and the amount you would like to donate. I will arrange to collect your donations personally.

Thank you so much x