Wednesday, September 27, 2006

CBeebies Rocks!

Coby joins in with Boogie Beebies

We watch a little in the mornings after breakfast if we're not going out for a few hours. I know all of the tunes to all of the shows (I particularly love Balamory) and I've even logged on to the CBeebies website to play some of the games. One of Coby's favourite shows is 'Me Too' and you can build your own Riverseafingal, which is the name of the town on the show. Coby also loves Tikkabilla, Something Special, Underground Ernie and Boogie Beebies.

Coby loves Tamba in Tikkabilla

Sand - what it is good for?

Absolutely nothing!

I met up with the girls as usual on Wednesday and we took the babies to the park. The sand pit was empty so someone suggested we dive in. I noticed Michaela's horrified look and she noticed mine. Sand? But what if they put it in their mouths? What if there are 'unidentified' objects hidden in the golden grit? What if it transfers to their pushchairs and we end up with sand in our cars?

Just stick 'em in, we heard!

So reluctantly we placed Lola and Coby in the sand with Louis, Jasmine and Oliver. Of course, they loved it and Coby had sand everywhere. Yes, he tried to eat it, yes, he kept placing 'unidentified' objects in his mouth and yes, it found its way into all the nooks and crannies of his pushchair - but it was fun and more importantly, very liberating for the babies to get as messy as they wanted...

"Ok these are the rules: no eating, no rubbing in eyes,
erm, Louis, play attention please"

"Oh we do like to be beside the seaside"

Coby's not sure if sand tastes as good as it looks and feels

Louis, my little lovely

Oliver, Coby, Jasmine, Lola & Louis

Coby & Eitan

On Tuesday we went to visit baby Eitan and his mummy, Delissa. Eitan's grandparents, Pinky and Junior were also visiting from Israel. They were delighted to meet Coby, but we found it difficult to take pictures because Coby found their house a great place to explore and would not sit still, no matter how hard we tried to pin him down. This photo was as good as I got from Coby...

Eitan was rather more obliging...

Another Successful Nap Time

Most days Coby has a couple of naps, usually mid morning between 10am and 11am and late afternoon between 3pm and 4pm. He will let me know by crying, arching his back, refusing to sit up, rubbing his eyes and reaching for his dummy. So, having recognised the international signals for 'mummy I'm tired', I take Coby up to his cot. This is what often happens next...

What no toys?

Fresh As A Daisy

Rule No.1: wash hair thoroughly to avoid tangles

Rule No.2: brush teeth, or gums in Coby's toothless case

Rule No.3: rinse with water once you've had a few slurps
Note to self: lavender oil does not taste nice

Where's Coby?

Coby's favourite game, like most babies, is peek-a-boo.
He thinks it's hilarious!

He never tires of it - unfortunately!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Sing & Sign

Coby started a new class on Friday called Sing & Sign. We learnt the signs for five words -'eat', 'drink', ''milk', 'more' and 'all gone'. The lady that runs the class told us to use the signs all the time and eventually our babies will pick them up. She has a child that uses around 200 different signs! It is an easy way for babies to communicate before they are talking and, while it can take some time (from 6 weeks to 6 months), most babies will use some kind of sign language to communicate with their parents. Coby has nearly got the hang of waving goodbye, one down, 199 to go.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Willows Farm Village

On Wednesday, Maddy, Michaela and I took the babies to Willows Farm Village in St Albans. This is by far and away the best place to go for a day out in Hertfordshire and we had a lot of fun. In the farmyard favourites area, you can meet real-life stars of children's nursery rhymes and stories including the three little pigs and Billy Goats Gruff. There is a falconry centre, a giant maize maze, bouncy castles, trampolines, pottery painting, Tristan the Runaway Tractor and a fabulous farm shop. Unfortunately Coby slept for most of the time, but Louis and Lola were worn out too by the end of our adventure...

Coby and Lola meet Billy

Maddy introduces Louis and Lola to Ben the Gentle Giant

Lola loved the bouncy castle,
but not as much as mum, Michaela

Louis, Lola & Coby tackle the trampoline

It's A Girl

Many, many congratulations to our friends Paul and Debra.

Debra gave birth to a 5lbs 8oz baby girl, Anya, at 17.48 today!

Well done Debra - the day before your due date too - very prompt!

Fantastic news guys - pink it is then!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

London Town

On Saturday, while on our romantic weekend in the beautiful city that is London, Al and I had a great day out doing lots of touristy things, but blimey, London is so expensive! We went to the London Aquarium beneath our hotel at County Hall and saw sharks, piranhas, jellyfish, Clownfish and Blue Tangs, or Dory's as I like to refer to them.

We then walked across Westminster Bridge and along Whitehall to the Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms. This was amazing and really gave us a taste as to how things were during the war. The smell in the corridors and the sound of air raid sirens evoked a realism that made us appreciate just how dark and miserable those days were.

Ana Matronic from Scissor Sisters
(pic courtesy of

In the evening we had a very interesting Japanese meal, washed down with a very, very pricey bottle of Sake which, for the record, is mind-blowingly strong, so much so that a walk by the river was required to clear our heads. Lucky we did, because after walking along the Southbank, across the Hungerford Bridge, up to the Strand and down to Trafalgar Square, we were greeted by the distinctive sound of the Scissor Sisters performing "I Don't Feel Like Dancing" live in the square!

10 Months Old Today!

Almost a year, but not quite - Coby is 10 months old today.

He was weighed on Thursday and is a cuddly 22lbs 13oz. He has yet to cut any teeth, but I feel he may only be weeks away now from walking!

We took him to a nursery yesterday to see how he got on and even though we only left him for about 10 minutes, the staff said he was smiley and happy to explore and play with the toys.

Our little boy is growing and becoming more beautiful by the day. Al and I are having a mini break in London this weekend and have left Coby with grandma Wendy - missing him? my tummy is in knots, but I'm trying my best to relax and enjoy the break. Can't wait to see him tomorrow though...

Monday, September 11, 2006

Boys Will Be Boys!

Maddy and Louis joined us on Sunday for a fabulous lunch at the White Lion in Walkern, a 16th century traditional country pub with its very own ghost! The boys had such fun in the play area and we took so many pictures I couldn't possibly post them all. Here are a selection of my favourites...

"You looking at me? I said are you looking at me?"

"I'm king of the world!"

"I guess what it comes down to Louis
is this - to jump or not to jump?"

"No need to jump Louis, we've been rescued"

And in the blue corner we have Louis the Lion
- waiting to pounce on his prey

And in the yellow corner, we have Coby the Cobra
- quick as a snake

"We're only playing!"

Coby has his turn on the swings

Then it was Louis' turn

Hello Ladybug!

Coby enjoyed some time in the garden on Saturday afternoon. He roamed around in the grass as he grows increasingly confident with his crawling. He stopped to play with his windmills for a while before curiosity led him to investigate the nearby pond and the main attraction for the local wasps and bees - the lavender!

Misty Morning

Over the weekend Al and I decided to get up very early and have a walk in the beautiful fields where we live. We ended up walking for about 4 miles!! There was an eerie mist over the fields but a hint of sunshine and the feeling it was going to be a gorgeous day...

There were hundreds of spider webs highlighted by the sun...

And a hairy beast wearing shades...

Not so hairy mummy

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Coby's Diary... fuller than mine and Al's put together!

Now the summer holidays are over, Coby is back at Gymbabes and Music Train. And in a couple of weeks he starts a new class called Sing & Sign. This morning we went along to Baby Rhyme Time at the local library and as well as our weekly get together with Lola, Louis et al, we squeeze in visits to all of Coby's other friends and family. We haven't been swimming for a while, but once Coby has celebrated his 1st birthday, we'll be signing him up for swimming lessons too.

Speaking of Coby's first birthday, a filofax might be a nice gift idea!

Autumn Approaches

Coby returned to Gymbabes on Wednesday morning following a break for the summer holidays. Gemma, one of the leaders, was happy to see that Coby is now crawling. Most of his old friends have graduated to Tumble Tots because they are now walking, so there were some brand new faces to see. At the end of the class, Coby received his sticker which this week said "Gymbabes Love to Cuddle".

We then joined Olly & Jasmine for a wonderful afternoon in Lola's garden. Lola's mummy Michaela bought out some tea and cakes including a jam sponge that I made. The kids on the other hand, got stuck into the fruit...

Who ate all the raspberries?

Lola mistakes Coby's toes for food

After a bowl of strawberries and kiwi,
Coby looks to mummy for more

A blissful September afternoon
in the sunshine

I'll quickly slip this under my bib...

On Tuesday we went to our favourite place to eat, The Waffle House in St Albans. This time we took auntie Debra who is expecting a baby in two weeks! The menu consists of savoury and sweet options, difficult to choose, so we had both! Debra used the old 'eating for two' tactic and I was quite sensible and had soup for my first course. Coby didn't use tactics but decided to just help himself.

Mummy with auntie Debra at a recent wedding

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Oliver's Dedication

Today we headed to Grace Baptist Church in Hitchin for little Oliver's dedication. Louis, Lola and Jasmine were also there to offer their support and some baby high fives for Olly. The service lasted about 40 minutes and was followed by an amazing buffet. Then we all went back to Olly's house and sipped champagne in the garden, or rather the mummies and daddies did.

In response to Louis' blog and his comment
about Coby weighing the see saw down, spinach, oats and Guiness
make for a hearty combination!

And they're off! Lola is now crawling too!

Jasmine, Coby & Lola wait patiently
for their glasses of champagne