Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Taste of Summer

We had a really lovely day today in Verulamium Park in St Albans. We took a picnic along and met up with some friends, including Colleen, who is visiting from Canada. Coby had lots of play mates with Zoe, William, Grace and Gabriella joining in with kite flying, bubbles and petanque. We also bought Coby's new glider and arrowcopter with us. However, the best game of the day was invented when the arrowcopter got caught high up in the branches of a tree and the dads all took unsuccessful attempts to dislodge it by hurling a bottle of Coke!

Wrestle Time

Coby & Zoe

Annabel, Zoe & Coby

Little Zoe

Coby & Gabriella


Al in deep concentration

Grace takes her turn


Coby & the great outdoors!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Granny's Birthday

We celebrated granny Wendy's birthday this week with two rounds of glorious food. First stop was lunch at The Waffle House in St Albans...

...and in the evening we had a scrumptious dinner at Casa Mia restaurant in Hatch End. We bought granny some pretty earrings and she wore them all day...

Coby gets ready for his soup

Tucking in while mummy poses

Cuddles for dessert?

With Lisa and Beverley

Justin & Stacey


Saturday, April 18, 2009

UK Aware

Al and I took Coby to Olympia today to UK Aware, an exhibition to promote greener living. He gets very excited about going on the train and it was a long trip on the tube to Earl's Court. Can you believe, Coby fell asleep as we walked from the station to the exhibition centre and missed out on the cool electric cars and bikes...?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jolly Olly

The weather was glorious today! Coby and I took a trip to the supermarket where he filled his own little trolley with goodies. He insisted on carrying the fishfingers, jaffa cakes, monster munch, tomatoes and yogurts. We argued over the box of eggs and I won!

In the afternoon we went to visit Vicki, Olly and baby Samuel. Coby and Olly played so lovely together which gave Vicki and I the chance to chat over a cup of tea. Olly is a little behind in his development and is not speaking as well as Coby, but he was happy to be bossed around and take orders from Cobes....

More Cobyisms

The observations and anecdotes of Coby are becoming so intoxicating. I just love to hear his take on life and the way he listens to words and puts them into context. This morning he rushed in and shouted "mummy, mummy, I've got Roley but I need you to get the rest of the gang for me. I need Bob the Builder and all the gang!". When I asked why, he responded with hands in the air and said "because I'm making a CBeebies compost heap".


I discovered Coby yesterday lounging in his Bob the Builder chair, drink in hand and wearing nothing but sunglasses! When I asked what he was doing, he replied "I'm just sunshading mum"

Monday, April 13, 2009

Bon Voyage Adam

Uncle Adam has been home for two weeks from his duties as a Royal Marine. During that time, he has proposed to auntie Teresa - hoorah!!!!!!!!!!! And she said YES - hoorah!!!!!!!!

On Saturday he flies off to Dubai where he will meet his ship HMS Richmond and set sail on another mission for three months. Obviously we are very proud of him and hope he and his fellow marines are kept safe and well and returned to us soon enough.

HMS Richmond of the Royal Navy

Central Station Antwerp

This is super, turn up the sound and watch!

Woburn Safari Park

Easter Sunday! It was a little dreary wasn't it? Did we stay home and eat Gooster eggs? No, we headed to Woburn Safari Park with auntie Teresa and Uncle Adam and had the best day!

It took quite a while to go around the park, but we did get great views of some of the animals, especially the monkeys. Unfortunately the tigers were a little shy and we didn't get too close to the lions either, however, we did have a black bear cross the road right in front of us.

We saw Rothschild giraffe, bongo, gemsbok, bison, Grevy zebra, white rhino, lemur, penguin, emu, wallaby and loads more!

Al and Adam wore Coby out in the Mammoth Play Ark where Coby emerged an hour later as a tiger and proceeded to roar at passers by!

The Grand Entrance

"And over to the left we have.."

Prowling Tiger

Elegant Eland


Lazy Lions


A Big Black Bear

Hiding Monkeys

Wary Monkeys

Cheeky Monkeys

A wallaby

Two wallabies

A strutting peacock

Da da!

A penguin poses

The lemurs of Madagascar