Monday, April 13, 2009

Woburn Safari Park

Easter Sunday! It was a little dreary wasn't it? Did we stay home and eat Gooster eggs? No, we headed to Woburn Safari Park with auntie Teresa and Uncle Adam and had the best day!

It took quite a while to go around the park, but we did get great views of some of the animals, especially the monkeys. Unfortunately the tigers were a little shy and we didn't get too close to the lions either, however, we did have a black bear cross the road right in front of us.

We saw Rothschild giraffe, bongo, gemsbok, bison, Grevy zebra, white rhino, lemur, penguin, emu, wallaby and loads more!

Al and Adam wore Coby out in the Mammoth Play Ark where Coby emerged an hour later as a tiger and proceeded to roar at passers by!

The Grand Entrance

"And over to the left we have.."

Prowling Tiger

Elegant Eland


Lazy Lions


A Big Black Bear

Hiding Monkeys

Wary Monkeys

Cheeky Monkeys

A wallaby

Two wallabies

A strutting peacock

Da da!

A penguin poses

The lemurs of Madagascar

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