Monday, April 13, 2009

The Boy is Back in Town

Coby has returned from his week long visit to nanny and grandad, but he had a splendid time and wore them out as only a boisterous three year old can. I think we collected him just at the right time!

During his stay the guys went to the National Railway Museum in York which is amazing. Coby saw the Mallard, the World's fastest steam train and he went on a Japanese Bullet train. The museum is also home to a replica of Stephenson's Rocket locomotive and the famous Flying Scotsman!

Coby's Easter presents from nanny and grandad included a scooter, a tent and activity centre and a ball pit which was Coby's choice to sleep at night (minus the balls).

Thanks nanny and grandad and Great Uncle Tony for taking good care of Coby!

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