Thursday, July 27, 2006


Happy Birthday to auntie Michaela, Lola's mummy, who celebrated her birthday on Wednesday.

Congratulations to Helen & Richard, parents to almost 1 year old Megan, who are expecting another baby in January.

Good luck to auntie Maddy who returns to work on Monday following a year on maternity leave.

And finally, best of luck to uncle Martin who is taking part in the London Triathlon on Sunday 6th August. He will be swimming, cycling and running for charity!


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The Cheeky Duo Strike Again!

On Tuesday morning, yet another scorcher over 30 degrees, we hung out at Louis' house. While Maddy and I supped tea and ate cakes in the sunshine, the boys had fun in the paddling pool...

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Mr Sweet Tooth

On Saturday we visted auntie Michelle and uncle Jason. They were married in May, so we popped round to check out their wedding video and to pinch some wedding cake. It was a traditional fruit cake with marzipan and icing. We tried Coby out with the fruit cake and guess what? Mr Sweet Tooth couldn't get enough of it.

Tickle Time

Every evening, Coby and his daddy have tickle time. Coby's laughter is the best sound in the whole wide world and makes my heart fill with absolute joy!

Feeling hot, hot, hot

While we are loving the sunshine, this weather is just far too hot for babies. Coby seems to delight even more in his evening bath at the moment and loves cooling off in the water. Here he is at Grandma Wendy's...

Peek-a-boo - is that Coby in the bath?

Of course it is!

"No, surely it's not time to come out already?"

Jasmine's Christening

On Sunday, we all headed to St.Peter's Church in Holwell for Jasmine's Christening. Jasmine looked beautiful in her christening gown and the service was lovely, however, those two mischevious boys, Coby and Louis chatted and babbled away throughout. Jasmine was so cool and calm though and completely oblivious to the commotion caused by the cheeky duo.

Jasmine in her gorgeous christening gown

And her already half eaten cake!


Coby & Lola with auntie Michaela

Coby chills out with auntie Vicki

Louis' Great Escape

At the after-party, the kids ran riot in the play area set up especially for the day in Jasmine's garden. Louis didn't waste time in showing us his new mobility skills...

"Hey Coby as much as I'm having fun, I think I'm gonna take off"

"Catch ya later Cobes"

"Yes, grass feels soft, good enough to land on"

"Ha ha! I'm free and no-one can catch me"


Thursday, July 20, 2006

I Like Driving In My Car

Mirror, signal, manouver!

Nanna & Grandad Time

On Sunday, Coby and I drove up to visit nanna and grandad in Lincolnshire. We had a lovely time and on Wednesday we took a trip to Water's Edge near the Humber Bridge. There are many birds to look out for and an education centre with interactive facilities so you can see into birds nests and keep a close eye on badgers. Here are nanna and grandad enjoying the view..

And with Coby

Brown or white bread, ducks?

Coby out for a stroll in his flat cap

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Daddy time

Whilst Sarah & Coby have been visiting Nana & Grandpa Bagnall (her ma & pa) oop north I have been living the life of a single man. Well...ok...I left the seat up. And I ordered a curry. Sigh!

On Sunday I went to Vicky, Simon & Ollie's house for a BBQ with all the other NCT crew and then we headed off to RHYTHMS OF THE WORLD

Ollie doing his Hugh Hefner impression, relaxing and greeting folks

Paula with Jasmine, Maddy with Louis (silent S) & Justin feeding Ollie

Louis cooling off in the pool

The festival is basically a collection of small (like this one) and large stages (like the ones below) spread throughout Hitchin. Music covers World Music, Roots, Jazz & Folk etc. Lots of stalls selling interesting stuff...the usual festival stuff. All very cool!

I got the chance to head to the Fair Trade Fairies stall (see below) in my CityHippy capacity and bought Coby some great organic and ethical gear - two t-shirts from the Little Green Radicals range (the genetically mudified organism one and the I only eat organic turnips one he he he - although not in those colours - not to mention a really cool pair of Guatamalan stripey rainbow pants hee hee)

Then we all chilled out and enjoyed the atmosphere whilst Ollie & Louis wrestled...sign of things to come I am sure.

A quick mention to Eitan Fisher, one of Coby's many many many cousins, of the Israeli/South African Fishers, who popped round recently to be introduced. And if you know his dad Eric you will be able to spot the resemblance. What a nosh!

Before I end the post I thought I would post a couple of Coby recently eating wholemeal toast with unsalted butter on...which he loves incidentally...and gives his gums a good workout.

Not sure about this toast business...

Oh like it, a lot :)

Coby & Sarah back tomorrow, no wait, today...I will see them hopefully in about 16 hours! Wahoo!

Bye for now


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Catch up time!

Well it's been a while since we had some Cobysnaps, so time to catch up...

On Monday, Coby had his 8 month development check and he now weighs 21lbs 4oz, is 69cm long and his head circumference is 45.5cm which is particularly signifcant for Coby's Uncle Ron who thinks Coby has exceptionally large temporal lobes - a sign of an intelligant brain? Or maybe he just has a big head!

On Wednesday, we met up with the other babies for the first time in ages. Obviously we have been dealing with our bereavement and various other things so we've not seen them all for three long weeks, so it was fantastic to catch up and find that Louis is now crawling!!!!! A lot can happen in three weeks eh?

Louis is on the loose!!!

We spent the afternoon at the outdoor pool in Hitchin and baked in the hot sunshine. The babies were covered in Factor 40 and the mums dared to bare in their costumes and bikinis. Coby found the water to be a little too cold and cried his eyes out before finding some entertainment with Alicia's toys...

Coby is almost crawling, but seems to have fun just turning in a circle and flipping over onto his tummy. I asked Maddy, Louis' mum, how she was finding it now that Louis is crawling. Her response was pained and exasperated! I'm told to prepare the stair gates and move everything out of harms way. Looks like we're weeks, maybe even days away from a whole new phase in Coby's world.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006 peanut butter!

This pic is not Coby but my god does it scare me. This is what happens when two kids play with a jar of peanut butter. Thanks to for the link.

Mental note to self. Remove all jars of Peanut Butter. And anything else. In fact empty house. Fast. Coby nearly crawling.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

More about my Dad

This is more or less the eulogy I gave for my Dad, pictured above on 6 June 2006.
My Dad was born in Dukla on Nov 30th in 1926 where he lived a happy normal religious and peaceful life until the late 1930s when things started to go wrong.

In 1939 at the age of 13 it all started to go horribly wrong and he spent the next six years more or less in a variety of concentration camps in Poland, Germany & Czechoslovakia.

He survived. There are many stories. Dad was one of the many 'Boys' interviewed by Martin Gilbert for his book, The Boys.

Eventually Dad was liberated by the Russians in '45 and taken to the UK where he spent time in Windermere adapting to and preparing for British life.

His love for his adopted country was obvious and eternal. He had the wonderful pleasure of meeting the queen twice in as many years very recently.

Sadly his parents and sister were not heard of again and he always believed, with reliable information, that they had perished at the hands of the Nazis.

He remained the sole survivor of his close family with only a sole surviving cousin in Israel. They found each other via an ad his cousin placed in the Jewish Chronicle.

In the UK Dad became a baker and worked hard, walked everywhere and went on cycling and camping trips with friends. He cycled round Britain at least once. Dad had a costume jewellery / haberdashary market stall in all the usual places. He eventually went full time into that business with 2 partners and together turned it into a thriving business with at one point 50+ staff based in East London.

I always remember Dad coming home of an evening enjoying dinner with us, tucking us into bed and watching the news, walking the dog and going to bed. Very comforting.

Dad finally retired in 99/00 and continued to enjoy the family and freemasonry he cherished. Along with his love of football and Arsenal. His boys brought him the usual mix of joy and stress but when his grandson Coby joined him in Nov 05 he lit up.

Sadly Coby's arrival marked the start of his final journey which ended Sunday peacefully with my mum, my brother & I at his side.

Despite all his ills over the last few years Dad did not complain and was comfortable and content for most of the time. The army of people who assisted us and the friends that supported and visited Mum & Dad have a special place in our hearts & family.

Dad retained his sense of humour until his very last few days. I made him laugh (and cry simultaneously of course) in the last fortnight.

Our favourite memories of Dad (and there are so many) include the now famous yabba-dabba-do's at both boys weddings, giving his mother-in-law Asne, who sadly passed away on July 1 2005, a witches broomstick with a red ribbon bow for her 75th and finally, believe it or not, his riding an Ostrich on holiday in South Africa.
Thanks for all your kind words of support. Speak soon.


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Grandad Lipa

As you will know from the previous post, Coby's grandad Lipa passed away last Sunday evening.
We just wanted to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your messages and thoughts. Al spent the night with his father after his passing and told me that he was receiving texts and e-mails all through the night and they gave him great comfort. Bless you all.

Lipa was born in Dukla, Poland in 1926 and spent his entire teenage years, from the outbreak of World War 2 in 1939 to his liberation by the Russians in 1945, in concentration camps. He did not think he would survive. He did. And Coby will grow up to tell his story.

Grandad Lipa
30 November 1926 - 2 July 2006

Monday, July 03, 2006

My dad

Sadly my dad (pictured above in April 2006 with Coby) passed away last night. He went peacefully and with his wife and sons at his side.

His name was Lipa Tepper.

I will be offline for about a week. Sarah might post something soon.