Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Daddy time

Whilst Sarah & Coby have been visiting Nana & Grandpa Bagnall (her ma & pa) oop north I have been living the life of a single man. Well...ok...I left the seat up. And I ordered a curry. Sigh!

On Sunday I went to Vicky, Simon & Ollie's house for a BBQ with all the other NCT crew and then we headed off to RHYTHMS OF THE WORLD

Ollie doing his Hugh Hefner impression, relaxing and greeting folks

Paula with Jasmine, Maddy with Louis (silent S) & Justin feeding Ollie

Louis cooling off in the pool

The festival is basically a collection of small (like this one) and large stages (like the ones below) spread throughout Hitchin. Music covers World Music, Roots, Jazz & Folk etc. Lots of stalls selling interesting stuff...the usual festival stuff. All very cool!

I got the chance to head to the Fair Trade Fairies stall (see below) in my CityHippy capacity and bought Coby some great organic and ethical gear - two t-shirts from the Little Green Radicals range (the genetically mudified organism one and the I only eat organic turnips one he he he - although not in those colours - not to mention a really cool pair of Guatamalan stripey rainbow pants hee hee)

Then we all chilled out and enjoyed the atmosphere whilst Ollie & Louis wrestled...sign of things to come I am sure.

A quick mention to Eitan Fisher, one of Coby's many many many cousins, of the Israeli/South African Fishers, who popped round recently to be introduced. And if you know his dad Eric you will be able to spot the resemblance. What a nosh!

Before I end the post I thought I would post a couple of Coby recently eating wholemeal toast with unsalted butter on...which he loves incidentally...and gives his gums a good workout.

Not sure about this toast business...

Oh wait...no...I like it, a lot :)

Coby & Sarah back tomorrow, no wait, today...I will see them hopefully in about 16 hours! Wahoo!

Bye for now


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