Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Coby meets Jack

A lovely drive over to Essex today to visit auntie Jodie and cousin Jack. After being introduced for the very first time, nods of approval slowly emerged as the two boys became acquainted. Jack was a year old last Thursday and it's interesting to see how much he has developed - crawling, standing, eating solid foods and grabbing everything in sight. Amazing to think that Coby will be doing all of those things in just nine months time.

Jack approaches with caution...

"What's this then? A baby? I need to check if he bites first"

"Yeah ok he's cute, but just remember who's the biggest!"

"Hey, I think we're gonna be pals, Coby"

Monday, February 27, 2006



Cousin Teresa with Coby - 19 Nov 2005


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Coby in a pickle

"I've been sat here for so long, my bottom has gone numb.
Surely my toes should wriggle when I move them?"

"Hello? Hello? Mummy? Daddy? Hmmmmmm......"

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Uncle Martin

On Saturday, Uncle Martin came to stay. He last saw Coby when he was five weeks old, so we were all very excited about him coming to stay. We had a quiet night in, scoffed Indian food and watched Wallace & Gromit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit. Coby was very amused by Uncle Martin and seemed very taken by his hair!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

It's snowing...

It's snowing in Hertfordshire today and when I looked out of our bedroom window, I thought the view was so pretty across the fields, that I took a picture. Coby was pleased the camera wasn't on him for a change!

Future Olympian

Here we have Coby in training for the 2012 Olympic Games...this will be his floor routine in the Gymnastics category, or maybe he's practising his breast-stroke here...

Like most proud mum's, I've been keeping a baby book updated with information about Coby's birth and one of the pages suggests listing all of the world events that happened in the year he was born. It was great being able to say that London won the Olympic bid on 6 July. Sadly, the following day over-shadowed the celebrations. Most of you are probably aware that my husband and I travelled the same route on the Piccadilly Line into Kings Cross to get to work and may have been on that train around the time the bomb went off near Russell Square. We both ended up taking the day off at the last minute to attend a funeral, ironically. I often think about that day and how it may have affected us, especially as I was five months pregnant at the time. Coby is my guardian angel and I his!

Coby Two Jabs

Coby had an appointment yesterday for his second lot of immunisations. Typically, he was fast asleep when we arrived at the surgery and I had to wake him up. Never wake a sleeping baby - isn't that the old saying? Very wise words because even before the first needle hit his leg, he was not a happy boy. The nurse had to help me do up the poppers on his dungarees afterwards because he was kicking and crying so much. Back home, I pulled the car into the drive and decided to take him for a quick stroll in the pushchair to calm him down. I think the shock of the cold alone stunned him into silence. And, battling the icy wind, we got as far as the end of our road before I raised the white flag, admitted defeat, turned around and practically ran back to the house. Inside we lit the fire and snuggled up and Coby was soon smiling and giggling again.

And after....

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Bubbles at bathtime

Coby has been upgraded now from baby bath to grown up bath.

He has a fab seat that stands in the bath allowing him to kick and splash around while freeing up our hands instead of trying to hold him in the crook of our arms while attempting to wash him with one hand, often resulting in back ache and a frozen shoulder!

He seems to love bathtime especially now we've introduced some toys and he particularly loves it when we wring the flannel out over his face and tummy.

I have to say, I love this time we spend together in the evening, he smells so gorgeous after his bath and looks so content when he's wrapped up in a warm sleepsuit.

Tonight we put some lavender in the oil burner in his bedroom and played some classics on the stereo - Ray Charles, Nat King Cole and Sarah Vaughan. Coby seemed perfectly happy lying in his cot and listening to the music - he soon drifted off Zzzzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Bounty.com are running a competition to find the new face of Calpol. I could not resist entering Coby, but the competition is fierce and they have received thousands of entries. If you would like to vote for Coby, click here www.bounty.com. He is pictured second row down at the end.
This is the picture I entered...cheers guys x

Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Boys

Coby went to vist his friends Joe (4) and Sam (1) today - and we got some lovely pictures of the three of them together...

Cheeky monkeys!

Coby looks very relaxed in Joe's arms

Joe said he loved Coby and has already invited him to his birthday party in June!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

A week in pictures

This my new play mat - I love it

Hey not too close - you'll scare the fishes away

Auntie Teresa is always saying she wants to eat me!
I'm not made of pastry auntie Teresa!

"Ok you've got your picture, now can I get some sleep?"

"Thank you!"

Chicken Not So Little

What a busy day today! Coby went to the health centre and he now weighs 14lbs 4oz. That means we are carrying an extra stone around with us - good exercise for the upper arms when we are carrying him in his car seat, but it means slower journeys to and from the car as we have to stop to rest every five minutes!

We then went to the cinema to see Chicken Little which I thought was fantastic. I highly recommend and will definately be buying the DVD. There were lots of mums and babies in the cinema today and everyone was chatting away. The man from the projection room actually came in and asked if he could start the film.

A quite night in tonight for me and Coby while dad pops out for a few hours. I think a nice warm bath is in order followed by some bedtime reading and perhaps Wallace & Gromit on DVD while Coby has his milk.

More adventures tomorrow...we are going for a photographic session at a local studio and Coby will naturally be the main attraction. Watch this space for some photos...

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Wednesday Fun Time

At our Wednesday get together with the other babies,
Coby wore the outfit chosen for him by cousin Jack.

Chilling out on the activity mat with Lola

"Don't move Lola, there is a huge bug heading our way"

"Hey the bug caught Alicia too!"

"It's ok Coby, the bug is not real"
"Yeah ok, I knew that"

Magic Moments

Here are some Coby moments from the last few days...

"Just you wait until I've got teeth"

"Don't mind us Coby, make yourself comfortable"

"You talking to me?"