Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Coby Schumacher

Coby received some fabulous presents for Christmas, the majority of which have turned our lounge into a car park. This amazing quad bike moves when Coby activates a button and it didn't take him long to figure it out either.

Monday, December 25, 2006

It's Chrissssssssssmassssssssss!



Sunday, December 24, 2006

Coby of Sherwood

We went to visit friends up in Nottingham yesterday for the night and had a superb time. Coby came with us and made some new friends. Here he is hanging out with Jasmine (the second one he knows but this one is Jazzy P) - they are discussing who should have the yellow block.

That pic is a blurry action shot so here is one of Jazzy P showing her cheeky little chops in all their glory

And here is Coby with the wonderful Alfie...Alfie is about 2 and a hint at what lies ahead for us in about a year with the Cobester...Mission 1: Lose the dummy he he he.

We went for a stroll today and visited the river...the ducks and the swans went nuts for the bread we took...Jasmine and her dad, Gil, are sat dispensing bread, bloody brave if you ask me...

Then we visited a playground and here is Coby having fun on the swings...

And here he is on the roundabout holding onto Mum for dear life...

Well Crimbo is nearly here and Coby is well up for it...ripping paper is his fave hobby at the mo.

Ho Ho Ho!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas Tree Festival

On Sunday afternoon we decided to check out the Christmas Tree Festival near to where we live. You may recall Coby did some hand prints at Sing & Sign a couple of weeks ago. Well Caroline, who runs the class, cut them all out and entered a tree into the festival with the tiny hands hanging on each branch...

Coby's handprint adorns the tree in the church

The tree in its full glory includes
handprints by Coby and Lola and all
of their Sing & Sign friends

There were around 50 trees all decorated by locals with the opportunity to vote for your favourite tree - guess which one mummy voted for? Here are a few others with the names as entered by their creators...

Gold, Frankincense, Myrrh AND...

Pink - our favourite colour

Baby's 1st Christmas

Tree of Toys

Mrs Tiggy Winkles Christmas Tree

Christmas Feast for all Gods Beasts

Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Fellowship of the Doughnut Ring

Frodo, Merry & Pippin, sorry Coby, Louis and Lola tuck in - again

A day in the life of Coby, and most of his friends too I dare say, consists mainly of food. His diet is not dissimilar to that of a hobbit - breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, supper and finally - food induced sleep.

The Little Norfolk Explorer

We've just returned from a chilly, but sunny holiday in Cromer, Norfolk with Coby and his grandparents. We explored as much as we could and introduced Coby to lots of exciting new things - reptiles, sharks, cockroaches and fossils! The best thing about Norfolk in December, is that everyone else is sensible enough to stay in the warm, so the sea front at Great Yarmouth was ours and ours alone. On Tuesday we visited a beautiful, picturesque town in the Glaven Valley called Holt. With its quaint little shops lit up for Christmas, it was like something from a Dickens novel. We found a fabulous delicatessen who were offering a free mince pie and a cup of hot mulled wine - so tasty, we purchased a bottle along with some boozy mincemeat and a christmas pud.

In Yarmouth we had an amazing time at the Sea Life Centre and watched the sharks and rays being fed, we had a close inspection of a rock pool with its anemones, starfish and crabs, saw teenie tiny sea horses and an octopus that likes to play with lego blocks! We also went on an adventure to Amazonia - World of Reptiles. We saw Goliath, a 13ft American alligator, although he was fast asleep under the water, languishing in the mud. We also got quite close to caimen, snakes, gheckos and turtles and a rather large cockroach roaming outside the glass - yikes! It didn't put us off our appetites though and we rounded up the day with fish and chips at the great Harry Ramsdens. Daddy and grandad decided to take Harry's Challenge - a whole giant prime of cod with tons of chips and not one, but TWO pots of mushy peas. Daddy condeded half way through, but grandad battled on. He didin't quite finish, but both of them suffered for it the next day - silly boys.

What's lurking around the corner?

Goliath, the alligator from Florida was fast asleep
"Thank Goodness" thinks Coby

Just watching the world go by

"Hey, pop a 20p in and make it snappy"

You can't come to the seaside
without having fish and chips!

Friday, December 15, 2006


Mummy and daddy are celebrating their 4th wedding anniversary today!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Bah Humbug!

Coby's nursery had a Xmas Open Day on Saturday, so the three of us went along for some festive fun. We guessed the weight of the Christmas Cake, ranging from 2lbs to 7lbs, we went for the top answer based on Coby's weight at birth. Then we entered the messy room and painted some tree decorations, a star and a reindeer with a red nose. Finally, we made our way upstairs to Santa's grotto, however, Coby wasn't happy to see Father Christmas and shed quite a few tears. As we left, he did manage a small wave goodbye and than promptly fell asleep in the car. Over-tired!

Coby and mummy get messy

Coby was sensible enough to wear an apron

Bah humbug! Coby wasn't impressed with Santa Claus

A Curly Souvenir

Notice Coby's curl in this picture? Well, it's gone!
Snipped off, tied with ribbon and saved in a special
time capsule for posperity!

Saturday, December 02, 2006


Pasta with mascarpone cheese and tomato sauce -
Coby tipped it out onto his lap, threw the bowl on the floor
and flicked it everywhere!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Friday Fun

At Sing & Sign this morning, Coby did a hand print painting to enter into the local Christmas Tree Festival. We used yellow paint and blue and gold sparkles to brighten it up. Coby and I were covered in glitter afterwards - it's so much fun getting messy.

And then at nursery, Coby sponge painted a bell, finger painted a reindeer and brush painted a snowman. When I collected him, they were proudly displayed on the wall with all the others.

Coby chooses some glitter

The finished masterpiece!