Friday, March 30, 2007

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Well, Coby looked the cutest today when he dressed up for Sing & Sign. It was the Chatterbox Challenge, an event held to raise money for the charity I CAN. Coby was a little lion and I attempted to complete the look with a touch of face painting, but that didn't stay put for long, so I quickly swiped some whiskers across his cheeks and they stayed on for most of the class.

Coby the Lion & Lola the Monkey

Coby with Daisy the firefly

Group photo? We should be so lucky

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Never Forget your Friends

Mummy always makes sure I visit my friends regularly and I especially like going to see Anya. She has some really cool toys and a funny cat called Gizmo. Auntie Debra made us jacket potatoes with cheese today. Then later, mummy and auntie Deb tried to hide the biscuit barrel from me, but I managed to sneak a bite of shortbread - hee hee

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bye Bye Tumble Tots

Coby attended his very last Tumble Tots class today. We've decided to try something new next term - swimming! We feel its important for Coby to start getting used to the water in preparation for swimming lessons.

Coby received his official walking certificate in the class today before waving cheerio to the little friends he's made, especially Tia. Louis also said goodbye to Tumble Tots as his mummy, Maddy, has decided to pursue the swimming adventure too.


Here are a series of cute Coby and Lola pics - can you come up with an amusing caption for each? The person with the best suggestions will be sent some yummy chocolates.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Trip to London Zoo

Who goes to London Zoo on a freezing March afternoon? We did! It was tons of fun, although most of the animals were hiding from the elements. The best place was the butterfly house because it was warm and toasty. We saw some huge butterflies in gorgeous colours. Mummy and auntie Rox did very well because they don't like fluttery things and these were fluttering around us as freely as the wind outside. We saw mainly scary things like bugs and reptiles and lions and tigers which are very fierce. We saw a couple of monkeys and lots of flamingoes, macaws, vultures and penguins. We didn't have a chance to visit the African animals but we hope to come back again and see the chimps and gorillas who were on their holidays.

Daddy & auntie Roxann keep me sheltered from the wind

Alpacas - mummy's favourites

Inside the reptile house
"Not sure I'm going to like this mummy"

Bearded dragons

Crikey! He's enormous!

Ahh! This is more like it - tropical fish

Friday, March 23, 2007

Spice Girls - Who Do You Think You Are?

This was No.1 - 10 years ago today!

A Certified Super Signer

At Sing & Sign this morning, Coby received a certificate of achievement stating that he is now a super signer. He has completed a second term of Sing & Sign and is ready to progress to stage 2 - hoorah!

And the certificate isn't issued willy nilly - oh no - Coby is indeed signing quite a few words and, like the little show off he is, put on an impressive display this morning while we were singing. If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands and Coby did just that in all the right places as we sang.

The No Song (see below) bought out the best in Cobes and he was using the sign over and over while we sang this song, or perhaps its because I've been over zealous with the sign at home lately - oops!

Next week is the Chatterbox Challenge, a special event organised by children's charity I CAN. The kids will be dressing up as jungle animals, so please keep a look out next week for pictures of Coby at his Sing & Sign class.

"Don't wipe your nose on the sofa!
Don't shut your fingers in the door
You shouldn't, you mustn't, you can't touch that
And don't eat the biscuit of the floor!"

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Cuthroat Courtney & Crossbones Coby

Courtney celebrated his 1st birthday today and had a fantastic pirate themed party with Buccaneer's Fizz and yummy cakes. I attempted to deck Coby out in his pirate accessories including an eye patch, golden earring and hat, but I'm sure you can guess how long they stayed on for - all of 5 seconds!

Courtney's 'hearties' Josh, Anya, Leanna & Tiffany joined in with the pirate fun.....

"Shiver me timbers"

"He means blow me down"

"Dance the hempen jig"

"Avast Ye!" says Anya
"Dance the hempen jig refers to the hangman's noose - yikes Coby"

Don't worry Anya - its the Bumboo talking"

"All hands ahoy"

No, its birthday cake Courtney!

Coby: you're such a drivelswigger, Courtney!
Courtney retaliates: landlubber!

"All hands to the poop deck -
Coby head to the binnacle!"

Hee hee - the pirate phrases above were just for fun and were nicked, I mean appreciatively borrowed, from The Pirates Realm.


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lincolnshire Lad

Last Friday, Coby's nursery called me within half an hour of me dropping him off. He had suddenly developed a very high temperature - 41 degrees!!!!! Back at home, Al called NHS Direct who advised we take him to the GP. Al called at 3 o'clock and we got an appointment for 3.30. The diagnosis was a mild ear infection which crept up while Coby's immune system was working overtime following the MMR jab. Phew! 41 degrees though? That was scarily high.

Fortunately we had a trip to nana and grandad's in Lincolnshire planned , which always means a chance to relax and receive some TLC. We had a lovely time catching up with them and great uncle Tony. Coby was soon on the mend and had lots of fun being chased and tickled by grandad, roaming around the local garden centre and eating nana's hearty home cooked food yum yum

Some well deserved tender loving care

And some wrestling with grandad

"Nana & Grandad - I love you"

Monday, March 19, 2007


I will be taking part in the Race for Life this year to raise money for Cancer Research UK and in celebration of my mum, who is currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Obviously, I will be delighted if you could sponsor me. My personal target is £150, but targets aside, any donations, however small, will be very much appreciated. You can make a donation either by clicking on the 'sponsor me' link above or click on comments below and leave a message.

My chosen event takes place on Sunday 15th July at Fairlands Valley Park in Stevenage. The course is 5km and Coby and Al will be waiting at the end - I hope. Feel free to join them and watch me pant and puff my way across the finish line!

Friday, March 16, 2007


Yep, Red Nose day today and to all of you raising money for Comic Relief, have loads of fun and best of luck.

Coby is also 16 months old today!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Men of the House

Who's the proudest of them all?

I love this picture of Coby and Al. They both look so proud. Their expressions say to me "you can depend on us mum - we'll look after you". Or maybe its the other way round....

Monday, March 12, 2007

Walking in the Sunshine

I just like this picture because it shows Coby
at one of the most exciting and monumental stages of his life,
on a beautiful sunny day, outside his home sweet home

Westlife - You Raise Me Up

This was Number One on 16 November 2005 - the day Coby was born

The REAL Joys of Motherhood

I love Coby so much and my patience can stretch for miles, but sometimes, just sometimes, it wears a little thin and I can't believe how trying he can be. It's not his fault at all because now he is walking, he wants to walk everywhere. This means that trying to strap him into his pushchair or car seat has become a screaming, arm-flailing, back arching, leg kicking flat refusal. Be pushed/driven around? In a chair with arm restraints? No way!

In Sainsbury's cafe today (oh yes, we know how to dine in style) I attempted to place him in his pushchair and he threw an extraordinary tantrum. Later, while we shopped, in between throwing things on the floor, he screamed his way around the store. Every time I tried to take something out of his hands - screeeeeech!!!! Everytime I gave him something to put in the trolley, which generally he is very good at, he chucked it on the floor. At the checkout, I managed to distact him with the boxes of red noses for about 2 minutes. I thought I was onto a winner, when all of a sudden...jar of marmalade? Smash! All over the floor! Glass! Sticky orange sludge! Irritated customers! Oh I was having a fab time!

Coby just looked down, pointed and said "oh oh".

Earlier this morning, he actually slapped me! As I'm writing this post, he is sat behind me kicking my back. What has happened to my little boy? Is this normal? Is it a boy thing? Is it a phase? Its certainly wearing me out and my patience is disappearing. In the post office, the queue was held up by a woman wanting to send a parcel to every bloody country in Europe. She got as far as Italy when I stormed out, rather obviously to the other customers. I never do that! I am the quiet one who stands in line obediently and is always first to apologise. I'm beginning to develop an attitude. I actually catch my reflection in the mirror and I look exasperated.

Whats going on?

Boys Only

We had a manic week last week visiting friends, fulfilling appointments and all the usual chaos that ensues when you're a toddler about town. On Saturday we were very pleased to catch up with our good friends Erin and Giuseppe. They moved out to San Francisco last year with five year old Gabriel and are back in town for ten days only. We were joined by some other friends - all of whom have sons, so it was part of an exclusive all boys club for Coby as he played with Joshua (5), Samuel (5), Leo (16 months) and of course, Gabriel.

Coby meets auntie Erin for the first time

Coby with his new best friend, Josh

Coby with Joshua & Sam

And on Sunday we drove to Chelmsford to see Mario and Stefanie in their gorgeous new home. Stef cooked us a beautiful roast dinner and we also got to see Mario's sister, Tara, and her boyfriend Darren. I sensed that Tara had something to tell us and sure enough it wasn't long before she announced that she is expecting a baby on 29 August! Hoorah! Congratulations guys!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Top Tune Time

Every week now we'll be featuring a top tune for your listening pleasure. Just to add some extra magic to Teplet. This week we've chosen Grace Kelly by Mika - far too catchy for its own good...

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Especially for Sarah & Hannah

We had a lovely lunch today with Lesley, Tim, Sarah & Hannah. The girls bought delicious desserts and granny Wendy came along too with some Hamantashen, tasty pastries traditionally served for the Jewish holiday of Purim. Tim is celebrating his birthday tomorrow and Sarah will be 12 years old on the 16th - Happy Birthday guys! As usual, Sarah insisted I took some pictures for the blog, so here you are Sarah...

Coby simply loves the attention from Sarah & Hannah

Especially when they tickle him

And even more so when he gets nice cuddles

"Its ok mummy, your cuddles are still the best"

Friday, March 02, 2007

Happy Birthday Teresa

Auntie Roxann a.k.a. Rocky, has come to live with us for a while. She has had a tough time recently, so a change of scenery and some family love are her only requirements for now. We headed into town last night to meet Teresa for her birthday drinks at The Wax Bar just off Oxford Street. We were joined by lots of people from Caspian. Martin, Leon and Al all turned up too. We three girls are pictured here - I think I'm officially the shortest person in our family!