Monday, March 12, 2007

Boys Only

We had a manic week last week visiting friends, fulfilling appointments and all the usual chaos that ensues when you're a toddler about town. On Saturday we were very pleased to catch up with our good friends Erin and Giuseppe. They moved out to San Francisco last year with five year old Gabriel and are back in town for ten days only. We were joined by some other friends - all of whom have sons, so it was part of an exclusive all boys club for Coby as he played with Joshua (5), Samuel (5), Leo (16 months) and of course, Gabriel.

Coby meets auntie Erin for the first time

Coby with his new best friend, Josh

Coby with Joshua & Sam

And on Sunday we drove to Chelmsford to see Mario and Stefanie in their gorgeous new home. Stef cooked us a beautiful roast dinner and we also got to see Mario's sister, Tara, and her boyfriend Darren. I sensed that Tara had something to tell us and sure enough it wasn't long before she announced that she is expecting a baby on 29 August! Hoorah! Congratulations guys!

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