Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Trip to London Zoo

Who goes to London Zoo on a freezing March afternoon? We did! It was tons of fun, although most of the animals were hiding from the elements. The best place was the butterfly house because it was warm and toasty. We saw some huge butterflies in gorgeous colours. Mummy and auntie Rox did very well because they don't like fluttery things and these were fluttering around us as freely as the wind outside. We saw mainly scary things like bugs and reptiles and lions and tigers which are very fierce. We saw a couple of monkeys and lots of flamingoes, macaws, vultures and penguins. We didn't have a chance to visit the African animals but we hope to come back again and see the chimps and gorillas who were on their holidays.

Daddy & auntie Roxann keep me sheltered from the wind

Alpacas - mummy's favourites

Inside the reptile house
"Not sure I'm going to like this mummy"

Bearded dragons

Crikey! He's enormous!

Ahh! This is more like it - tropical fish

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