Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Courtney

Coby's pal Courtney celebrated his 2nd birthday today with a Disney themed party. Mum, Bobbie, was exceedingly creative and produced a menu that included Hey Howdy Hey Ham Sandwiches!

Buzz Lightyear opens his present from Coby

Scott produces the cake!

Buzz & Woody in icing

Five week old Heath slept soundly

Anya was a little Tinkerbell

Alyssa in her piglet outfit

One too many cup cakes!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Horton Hears A Who

As a child I never really saw the appeal with Dr Seuss. This was probably because my dad often expressed his disdain at the absurdity of the whole creation. Al recently bought Coby a book called The Lorax and I have to be honest, its a work of genius! Coby was also bought, as a gift some time ago, a book called Go, Dog, Go - insane, yet hilariously funny. My dad, who will no doubt be reading this at some point, may well roll his eyes and think "No! Not Dr Seuss!"....ha ha ha

Today sees the release of Horton Hears a Who the story of an elephant who believes he can hear a speck of dust crying for help. He wants to help, however, quite understandably, his community think he's a little bit mad. So, if you've never really considered the mind and tales of Dr Seuss, perhaps now is a good time to start.

I Stand Corrected

I always go mad buying Coby books or borrowing them from the library, where you can now loan as many as 12 at a time!!! Anyhow, I bought home some new books for Coby yesterday and this morning we sat looking through them. One of them was Little Robots, based on the CBeebies TV show. Coby hasn't seen the show for some time and as far as I am aware, doesn't really know the names of the characters. We flicked through and near the end is a picture of all the robots together. Coby pointed to one and said "whose that mummy?" to which I replied "I think its Rusty". Coby responded "No mummy, its Noisy", of course I checked back and he was right!

Gingerbread Men

Al bought Coby some ready made gingerbread men today which they both enjoyed decorating. Unfortunately, Coby's gingerbread man soon lost his arms and legs when he decided he couldn't wait any longer to eat him....

A splodge here and a splodge there

More splodges

Ta da!

Ok, now he gets it!

Guess which is Coby's...

Just the torso remains

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Coby Talks to the Animals

Coby enjoys his little walks near our home, especially when he takes his bike. "Teresa's turn" he gestured the other day, so of course, poor Teresa had to squeeze onto the seat while Coby pushed her down the road (above). Last week we spotted a black cat in a neighbouring garden. Coby boldly walked up the path, bent down and said "hey cat, are you alright?" before trying to open the front door of the house. Fortunately there was nobody home and the cat continued to purr and miaow on the door step. Coby sat down and decided to chat to him, "Mummy, daddy, Teresa, bike, are you alright, want food, poor kitten, oh no, whats that noise". I happily stood on the sidelines observing Coby's interaction - very amusing.

The Demon Barber

Our lovely friend Jason very kindly cut Coby's hair recently. Coby, of course, is becoming a pro in the barber's chair and happily sat for at least 2 minutes before pushing Jason away and exclaiming "No, I don't want it"....