Sunday, March 09, 2008

Coby Talks to the Animals

Coby enjoys his little walks near our home, especially when he takes his bike. "Teresa's turn" he gestured the other day, so of course, poor Teresa had to squeeze onto the seat while Coby pushed her down the road (above). Last week we spotted a black cat in a neighbouring garden. Coby boldly walked up the path, bent down and said "hey cat, are you alright?" before trying to open the front door of the house. Fortunately there was nobody home and the cat continued to purr and miaow on the door step. Coby sat down and decided to chat to him, "Mummy, daddy, Teresa, bike, are you alright, want food, poor kitten, oh no, whats that noise". I happily stood on the sidelines observing Coby's interaction - very amusing.

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