Friday, March 31, 2006

For My Daddy

Hello daddy, this picture is especially for you. Because you are at work all day and can't see me for a while, mummy thought it would be a good idea to show you what I am wearing today. I think I look grown up in my new check shirt and that I would fit right in at your office. What do you think?

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hanging with my homegirls!

" Hi Coby, ok if I hang out here a while with you?"

" Sure Lola, there's more than enough room for two"

" Coby, lets hold hands and smile for the camera"


"Lets be friends forever, Cobes"

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Patchwork present

Look at Coby's fabulous new quilt with his name stitched in the corner.
My lovely friend, Angela made this for him.
She also made the Pootle Flump bobble hat.

Happy Mother's Day!

To all you mummy's, Happy Mother's Day, especially to my mum, Ann and Al's mum, Wendy.

I love being Coby's mummy!!!!!

Friday, March 24, 2006


Can you come up with a caption for this photo?

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Coby Pootle Flump

Auntie Teresa has sent me an e-mail pointing out how much Coby looks like Pootle Flump. I think the resemblance is striking - what do you think?

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Just chilling with my buddies

Wednesday is our regular get together with our mums and babies. Today, Michaela hosted things at her house and gave us a gorgeous lunch with sandwiches, pitta bread, crisps, cakes, strawberries and chocolate mini eggs - yum, yum, yum!

Olly snuggles up to Coby

Coby with Lola

The entire gang; Lola, Olly, Coby & Alicia
(Louis & Jasmine couldn't make it today)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Milk is yesterday's news

A big moment for Coby as he samples his very first taste of baby rice. For a couple of weeks now, young Coby has been devouring full bottles, chewing on his hands, watching us with intensity when we ate and waking again in the early hours to be fed. With the encouragement of both grandma's I decided to go for it and see if my little lad was telling me that milk was just not good enough any more. And, as Homer Simpson's eyes would light up at the sight of some Duff Beer and a doughnut, Coby's too lit up the room and he ate the lot within minutes.

Coby prepares for his big moment

Success first time!

Saving to Coby's memory card?

I wasn't happy on Sunday when I found daddy introducing Coby to the playstation. Fortunately Coby didn't appear to be interested, preferring to pose for the camera, as he has now become accustomed.
"X is jump, circle is...oh, look there's mummy"

"Yeah dad, fascinating"

"Yikes - he's like a man possesed!"

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Beautiful Boy

Here are the lyrics from a song that I like to sing to Coby every now and again...written by John Lennon to his son, Sean.

Beautiful Boy

Close your eyes,
Have no fear,
The monsters gone,
He's on the run and your daddy's here,

Beautiful, beautiful,
Beautiful Boy,

Before you go to sleep,
Say a little prayer,
Every day in every way,
It's getting better and better,

Beautiful, beautiful,
Beautiful Boy,

Out on the ocean sailing away,
I can hardly wait,
To see you to come of age,
But I guess we'll both,
Just have to be patient,
Yes it's a long way to go,
But in the meantime,

Before you cross the street,
Take my hand,
Life is just what happens to you,
While your busy making other plans,

Beautiful, beautiful,
Beautiful Boy,
Darling Sean (substituted with Coby of course)

Friday, March 17, 2006

Roll on Spring

Here I am, all dressed up to face the cold wind. Mummy took me for a walk in the stroller and we saw lots of blackbirds, but mummy forgot her hat and her ears turned red, so we whizzed around and walked back home after twenty minutes. I didn't like the wind, it was too cold and I was the lucky one in my new hat with the big bobble on top. Mummy said she is not leaving the house now until Spring has arrived, the sun is out, the wind has gone and the daffodils are blooming. I don't know what any of that means, but I think it means we won't have to wear bobble hats!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Where's Coby?

He's disguised as a giant bowling ball! This was taken on 21 October last year, so about three weeks before Coby's birth. Lorna is on the right, pregnant with Toby.

Uncle Mark

Today mummy had to go to London to the reflexology school, so Uncle Mark came over to look after Coby. We love Uncle Mark, especially as he is a Spurs fan. He is also a police officer so Coby was in safe hands.

Here is a lovely picture of Uncle Mark with Coby in hospital when he was just four days old...

Four Months Old Today!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

St.Teplet's Day

On Friday, apart from being St.Patrick's Day, it will be a year to the day that we sat and looked at a positive result on a pregnancy test! Now, we all have silly little anniversaries that are significant to us and this is one of them - a whole year since we discovered we were going to have a baby. I did a pregnancy test on the Thursday evening after work, acting on a 'hunch' that only came to me a few hours beforehand. Those tests tell you for sure, but somehow we still felt like we had got things wrong, so we purchased another test, a different brand which we used 48 hours later on Saturday evening. The result was "do you really need telling again?", so we hugged and smiled, yet still, for me at least, until I heard it from a doctor, I could not quite believe it.

A week later on a Monday morning, the GP faced us and said congratulations, if you've done two tests and they're both positive than, you're having a baby. What??? Don't take my word for it! Aren't you going to examine me? do another test? send it off to your laboratory? call me with absolute confirmation from the doctors in white coats? The GP shook his head and explained that all he had to do was send a letter to the hospital of my choice and they would be in touch with further appointments etc. Oh!

All we had to do now, he explained, was wait, and wait and erm, wait. Even though we had discovered this wonderful news for ourselves, we felt in disbelief and imagined that hearing it from a doctor would make it seem more real.

So, here we are a year on. Coby was once a blue strip on a pregnancy test, than, if you look to the left at the pictures, he was a potato on a grainy scan, than he was a baby-shaped image on a grainy scan that wouldn't keep still, than he appeared like a hazy dream into a room where I could have kissed every inch of wall for the euphoria I felt. Coby IS real, he is my beloved son and if I want to celebrate the anniverary of his very first sign to me, than I'll celebrate - just point me to the Guiness and I'll show the Irish how its done!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sarah & Hannah

On Sunday we took Coby to see two of his biggest fans, Sarah (10) & Hannah (6). The girls were overjoyed to see us all and we had a lovely afternoon catching up. They very kindly gave Coby some of their old books and we headed home with a big box full of goodies including Thomas the Tank Engine, Postman Pat, Peter Rabbit, Spot and Grimm's Fairy Tales. Thank you girls!

Hannah, Coby & Sarah

Big Sarah watches over little Sarah as she helps to change Coby

Comparing feet...

A final hug before heading home.
Oh and Happy Birthday for the 16th Sarah.

A very generous donation!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Teresa's 30th Birthday Party

We've sneeked onto the site some pictures from auntie Teresa's 30th birthday party which took place at Shillibeers in Islington last Saturday night. Everyone looked stunning in their fancy dress costumes, but the night belonged to birthday girl, Teresa. She looked amazing as The Bride/Black Mamba/Beatrix Kiddo from Kill Bill.

Uncle Martin as Rocky & auntie Teresa as
The Bride aka Black Mamba from Kill Bill

Marilyn Monroe snuggles up to Yoda - very odd!

Nicola (Dorothy), Leon (Jules Winnfield)
& Tanya (Lara Croft)

Yoda (Al), Captain Hook (Dan),
The Snow Queen (Louise) & Gladiator (Richard)

Friday, March 10, 2006

Blog extra...

I just want to draw your attention to a couple of extra goodies on this site.

On the left hand side as you scroll down the page you will see Links. My new blog, Herts Reflexology can be found here along with City Hippy and Tepperama. Then, if you look under My Gang, you can view the blogs of some of Coby's friends.

Happy blogging...

Thursday, March 09, 2006

The routine of bathtime

Here Coby waits patiently for the bath to run - he was actually tapping his foot

"Is it ready yet mummy?"

The bath thermometer says "YES"

"Mmmm, this octopus tastes great"

Coby Hefner relaxing in his bath robe

One Hundred!

This is our 100th article on the Teplet blog and it seems like only yesterday that I created the site in anticipation of Teplet's arrival. Coby is now 16 weeks old, weighs over 16lbs and is smiling, laughing, holding his head off the ground, possibly starting to teethe and also possibly nearing the biggest step so far - trying out solid foods!!

He has been joined by so many new friends since his birth in November - Louis, Lola, Jasmine, Alicia, Oliver, Olivier, Toby and, now a week old and doing amazingly well, Thomas. He also has loads of other little pals with Megan, Rachel, Rebecca, Sarah, Hannah and cousin Jack.

This year is going to be so much fun, especially during the summer when we are hoping to have a Teddy Bear's picnic for all the babies. Lots of trips to grandma and grandpa in Lincolnshire, lots of trips to the farm, zoo, the beach and all the places you long to take your child and open their eyes to a world of fun and amazement.

He is the apple of his mummy and daddy's eyes - a miracle of life that we created and a beautiful boy who blows us away with his smile every day. Coby is the centre of our hearts and we look forward to many months and years of keeping you updated with his story on Teplet.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Here we go again...

Coby obligingly lets me dress him up in more ridiculously cute clothes and make him pose for the camera - these pictures will be for his future girlfriends when he brings them home for tea.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Thank You

"Thank you Uncle Rob and Auntie Dee for looking after me on Saturday night"

Saturday Night, Sunday Morning

On Saturday night, we headed off to London for Teresa's 30th Birthday party at Shillibeers in Islington. The evening was fancy dress, so I decided to brave the winter cold by dressing as Marilyn Monroe in the flimsiest dress I've ever worn! With Al dressed as Yoda, we looked the perfect couple as we dashed across the platform at Kings Cross and headed onto the tube. Uncle Rob and auntie Dee saved the day by looking after Coby for us.

Coby is a girl's best friend

"Cute and little is Coby"

On Sunday morning, we took a lovely stroll in the sunshine. The wind was freezing though, so with Coby shielded from the brittle breeze, we dashed home so mummy could recover from her hangover (two glasses of wine and Marilyn Monroe looks more like Yoda).

Weather forecast: sunny and bright with a wind chill factor of minus 1,000....

Hangover? Me? Just before I steered Coby into the mud

Her Name was Lola...

Cobes and Lola hung out together for a while on Friday afternoon. Lola's mummy, Michaela, came over for a reflexology treatment, so we popped the two of them on Lola's activity mat. At one point they were holding hands until Lola got hungry and started chewing Coby's hand. It took him a few minutes to realise what was going on before turning on the waterworks.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Disney Rules!

Hello everyone,

Mummy took me to the health centre this morning to be weighed and guess what? I am now 16lbs 2oz. Mummy said I am a little pudding. She took me to the big supermarket and bought me a treat - Disney & Me is my favourite comic and mummy reads me the stories which I love because she does all of the voices and it makes me laugh. This week I got a free Chicken Little sticker album, but because I am not big enough to stick the stickers yet, mummy did it for me and she is going to send off for more stickers so we can fill the album up.

Tomorrow we are going to the library to change my books, but we have to be quiet in the library so I usually just fall asleep. Which I am about to do now, so I better say cheerio..

Lots of love, Coby x


And the winner of the second caption competition is.......drums rolling.......more drums rolling......Nanna Anna!!!!

Congratulations Nanna Anna - a super prize will be on its way to you from Coby very soon. You also get to choose the picture we will enter into next month's Baby of the Month competition on - I will post the choices later today and only you can vote Nanna Anna, so choose wisely - it's in your hands!
"Yeah, go on say it, I look like the 102nd Dalmation,
or mum is trying to turn me into a cow singing Moo York, Moo York"