Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mr & Mrs

On Sunday, the wedding of the year took place at Port Lympne Animal Park in Hythe in Kent - the exact same place where Al and I married almost seven years ago. Teresa and Adam married in a lovely ceremony organised to perfection by Teresa while Adam was 'holidaying' off the coast of some sea on some ship! Teresa looked simply stunning in her gown and Adam so handsome in his uniform...

The bridesmaids and page boy looked pretty terrific too!


Congratulations guys and we wish you all the happiness in the world,
especially when baby arrives in December!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Coby's First Pets

For some time now, Coby has been familiar with the Giant African Land Snails at his nursery. He helps look after them and he and his play mates are all quite fascinated by them. So when Emma, his key worker, told me she had 26 to give away, I thought what a grand idea it would be to take on three of them. At the moment they are teeny tiny, no bigger than the end of a cotton bud, but they are expected to grow....

Coby has decided to name them Scooby, Shaggy and Daphne and they are currently buried beneath a mound of soil in a tank in the kitchen, feasting on apple and lettuce. I've done my research on how to care for them and they are relatively easy hence why they make great first pets for children. The lovely chap in the local pet store suggested using cuttle fish for their shells and they also like being run under the tap, luke warm water of course and not full flow!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, Joely!

We were invited to Joely's 2nd birthday party on Sunday and Coby was slightly envious of her Peppa Pig birthday cake...

Coby's initial shyness subsides

Jason with niece Paige

Joely's big sis, Sidney

Sidney & Coby share a dance

Sleeping bunnies!

Peppa Pig!

Joely - the birthday girl

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Forever Autumn Please

Ooh, my favourite time of year is appoaching - Autumn. The browns, reds, golds and greens are beautiful to behold and the crunch of leaves and snapping of twigs on a chilly morning remind me of childhood when Halloween and Bonfire Night were on the horizon. Its not quite hats and scarves yet, but I'm looking forward to cuddling up on a cold evening with tea and toast. Coby and I took a stroll on the local common today, well, it was an attempt to encourage Coby to ride his bike as he's yet to muster the co-ordination for it!

We collected sticks, pine cones, chestnuts and leaves, which we attempted to compare with the pictures in our leaf book, but gave up after a while. Coby decided to take this entire branch for investigation!!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Coby, Paige & Kirana

Coby is very gentle and sweet with babies and was overjoyed to see seven month old Paige today...

And to meet newborn Kirana (three weeks old!) at home in Cambridge last Monday...

Wedding Belle

We're now two weeks away from Teresa and Adam's wedding and so it was a trip to Moss Bros this afternoon for Coby to try on his page boy outfit. He looked so incredibly dapper even though it was just the trousers (a tad too long unfortunately) and the jacket. On the big day, he'll be wearing an ivory waistcoat, white shirt and cravat too - Teresa look out! There's a good chance you may be upstaged!

Get Well Grandad!

This is a special message for grandad Les who is poorly at the moment - we wish you a speedy recovery and we're sure nanny Ann is taking good care of you - love you both very much!