Sunday, September 05, 2010

Hurrah for Nanny

We are very proud of nanny as she recently raised £100 with her choir for the Brigg & District Breast Cancer Support Group. I went along with her to a meeting where there was a wine making session and nibbles. Nanny presented the cheque to the group and made a speech!

The Crab

Coby found my yoga mat recently and knew exactly what it was for. I told him it was a yoga mat expecting to receive a barrage of questions like, 'whats yoga?', 'how do you do it?' and the next thing he's asking me to come and watch his 'moves'. Coby has also recently joined Thai Tigers, a martial arts class for youngsters in Barnet. Al takes him every Saturday morning and he is currently a white this blog for Coby 'Kung Fu Panda' Zephyr

Iggle Hugs

Coby really doesn't like In the Night Garden anymore,
but still wanted to give Iggle Piggle a cuddle


Another day out and one that didn't get off to the best start, but turned out lovely. It poured with rain and we got soaked through while stuck on a rollercoaster that made Coby sob his heart out. I left almost £100 lighter and the picnic we took had to be consumed under the cover of several trees because the chants of hungry children cannot be ignored. After paying £6!!! for two plastic ponchos, I decided it was the best £6 I've spent in ages. I then willed it to rain, so Coby and I could make use of them. They were warm and toasty and the raindrops simply ran off of them. Eventually the sun came out and we took up position in a small arena to watch a Pirate Show, however, the heavens opened again and Coby wandered off into the shop that had wall to wall Lego treats. While trying to hold onto a hot cup of tea and keep a rain drenched bag from slipping off my shoulder, I felt around for my purse so Coby could be silenced with a Toy Story 3 Lego set...the compromises we make for our beloved children!! We did however, spend the day there with Lola, Louis and Oliver and Michaela, Maddy and Coral and I were all in the same boat, keeping a smile while secretly wanting to just drive home and pop our pyjamas on!

Dark skies loomed...

Coby couldn't believe this chap was made from Lego

Or these guys

Coby and Lola share a biscuit break

You WILL wear this poncho

Driving already?

Coby wants his driving licence

Coby, Louis, Oliver and Lola await the pirates

Coby reveals "its just a person in a suit"

With Michaela and Maddy

And with Maddy & Coral

Coby poses with Wendy

Followed by Bob

I secretly bought this for me....ssshhhhh

Which do you believe?


Coby and I made a spur of the moment trip to Southend on Sea one Friday. It seemed to take forever to drive there and it has changed somewhat since I was a kid, but it was reassuring to see the old Crooked House was still there, even though it needs a lick of paint!!! Coby loves the beach and the weather was beautiful. We enjoyed fish and chips for lunch and while we were waiting for our food, Al text me to ask if we were up for fish and chips that evening! I didn't reveal we were about to tuck into round one and we DID end up having seconds with our friends Marc and Daniella later that evening. Coby and I enjoyed the rides at Adventure Island including the Big Wheel, Pharaoh's Fury and Devil's Creek Gold Mine....

Arriving on the sea front

Now, lets get to work...

...while the tide is out

Coby & Mum's creation

I volunteer to have my feet buried

Breathing in the salty Southend air
Patiently waiting for fish and chips!

Not sure about the Ferris Wheel

Not quite the yacht mum had in mind

Butterfly World

Coby and I have had some great days out together over the Summer. Including a visit to Butterfly World with Simone and Jacob. Simone was very brave considering she's not keen on flying things!