Saturday, September 29, 2007

DJ's Jungle Adventure

Today Coby went along to help his friend Sam celebrate his 3rd birthday. The party was at DJ's Jungle Adventure and Coby got himself 'lost' a couple of times in the immense play area. The kids munched on chicken and chips, but after only a couple of mouthfuls, Coby was off again into the land of ball pools and obstacles.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Sticky Mitts

Coby has been going to Sticky Mitts on a Friday morning for the last month now and is building up quite a collection of art work. Each week is a different theme such as 'A Day Out in London' or 'Building & Construction'. As Coby has taken to decorating the house with crayons lately, including the TV screen and his bedroom wall, its a relief to have somewhere he can go to release all that excess creativity...

Coby's beautiful chalk creation

Cake decorating? Coby cuts to the chase

"Hmmm...I think I'll rustle up a quick bite to eat

Getting to work on his London Bus

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wales - Day 6

And so to the last day of our lovely holiday in North Wales. We drove to Nant yr Arian a peaceful recreation centre in the middle of the forest famous for its daily feeding of the local Red Kite population. There is also a number of walks and cycle trails. We waited patiently by the lake and spotted the odd Red Kite flying high over the trees. Soon, a man appeared on the opposite side and threw down the food while the crowds gathered expectantly. Suddenly there were ten birds, then twenty, then thirty and then the whole area above the lake was swarming with Red Kites, very graceful in their movements as they swooped down to retrieve their treats. It was a very serene moment and a lovely way to spend our afternoon.

Al relaxes in the huge hammock swing

Followed by mum & Coby

Coby sizes up his play area

And settles for a seat in the meantime
Awaiting the arrival of Red Kites by the lake

The beautiful Red Kite

A successful day out

We decided to make the most of our last day by returning to Devil's Bridge to see the waterfalls. We took the train from Machynlleth with Maddy, Justin and Louis on Sunday, but it rained quite heavily and we felt it was too wet and slippery to risk the walk down the steep slope by the waterfall. So, before heading back to the caravan for the last time, we drove to Devil's Bridge and decided to take the shorter of the suggested walks around the Devil's Punchbowl. There are about 100 steps, which Coby negotiated very well and we breathed in the air and spray from the water while admiring the splendid view - a great ending to a great holiday....

Standalone Farm

Auntie Lorraine has flown back from New Zealand to visit all the family and is spending a few days with us at the moment. Along with Teresa, we took Coby to the farm today before it closes for winter. Coby charged around and enjoyed playing with the miniature tractors. He was a little wary of the animals but knew what they were and made the correct noises. His favourite phrase "Ee I Ee I O" was put to very good use.

Prepare to meet Sadieotis Tot & Chipstead Jim...



A curious goat

Hungry goats

Old McDonald had a farm

Lorraine Bo Beep looks for her sheep

Ahhhh very cute!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Coby meets Winnie the Pooh

Every Sunday is Daddy Day whilst Mummy goes to 'bring home some rashers'.

This Sunday I took my wee man to meet Winnie the Pooh and friends at the fabulous 100 Aker Wood situated in Aldenham Country Park in Hertfordshire.

Let's take a look at what Coby got up to:

Always check out the map first of course

Eeyore!!! Where are you Eeyore???

Pooh? Are you in there Pooh?

I'll just check round the back. Hellooo?

What about Piglet? I bet he's home...

Surely Owl will be at home? Hello?

Where is everyone? Of course...they must be on holiday...oh well, will come back another day.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Wales - Day 5

Thursday was a gloriously hot and sunny day which fitted perfectly with our plans to drive down the west coast of Cardigan Bay to New Quay. Dylan Thomas lived in New Quay in 1944 and in his book Under Milk Wood, it is believed he refers to New Quay as the 'cliff-perched town at the far end of Wales'. It used to be a ship building centre and has lovely beaches and a pretty harbour. We couldn't have anything other than fish and chips for lunch, so after our big feast, we picked a spot on the beach and spent the entire afternoon relaxing. There were loads of fish and crabs swimming close to the beach and many people were able to wade out quite far up to their waists among the fishing boats - it was lovely.

The beach at New Quay

Coby pretending to sleep with Al - complete with fake snoring noises!

Coby made some little friends

Snack time

Al tempts Coby into the water, but he wasn't convinced this time

He much preferred to play ball

Wales - Day 4

Maddy, Justin & Louis headed home today and soon it was just the three of us again. After waving them off, we decided to have a browse around the town of Machynlleth. It's a historic market town located at the head of the Dyfi esturary where Powys meets Gwynnedd and Ceredigion. The main attraction here is the quirky clock tower built in 1874. The town consists of two main streets - Heol PentreHedyn and Heol Maengwyn, the main street where you can find the historical Grade 1 listed Parliament House. The town is famous for the rebellious figure Owain Glyndwr.

We stopped for some lunch and then drove along the beautiful winding roads to Corris Craft Centre and King Arthur's Labyrinth. The centre contains all sorts of crafts from the heart of Wales - Tawny Owl Toys & Gifts, Quarry Pottery, Bumble Bee Quilting, The Candle Studio and Sylvantutch - custom made furniture inspired by nature.

The highlight though was the boat ride under the mountains to hear the tales of King Arthur. We suspected Coby would be scared, both Al and I found it to be pitch black in parts and a little claustrophobic, but he stunned us all by being completely patient and well behaved. He actually appeared curious and amazed by the sound and light effects. A funny moment occured as our guide led us back through the caverns, with only the sound of feet on gravel and the faint dripping of water, the peace and quiet was interrupted by Coby's voice echoing around...

"Eee I Eee I Oh"

Back in the bright sunshine, we enjoyed some Welsh cakes and a cup of coffee in the cafe while Coby tucked into a gingerbread man!

Preparing to enter the Labyrinth!

Always prepared is mummy!

Coby figures out his head gear

Of course - it was a struggle to keep it on

(image courtesy of website)

(image courtesy of website)

Coby's treat for being so well behaved

Happy to be back in daylight

Wales - Day 3 (continued)

After a good three hours at CAT, we decided to head back to Borth and relax on the beach. Louis and Coby built sandcastles and played with their football. It was sheer joy to watch them enjoying themselves together and very relaxing to be in the warm sunshine with the sea lapping at our feet - bliss!
Ice-cream - always a treat

Coby loved running up the beach, turning around....

...and heading straight back to the sea

This sums up our holiday for me - beautiful!

Coby's footprints in the sand