Saturday, September 15, 2007

Wales - Day 5

Thursday was a gloriously hot and sunny day which fitted perfectly with our plans to drive down the west coast of Cardigan Bay to New Quay. Dylan Thomas lived in New Quay in 1944 and in his book Under Milk Wood, it is believed he refers to New Quay as the 'cliff-perched town at the far end of Wales'. It used to be a ship building centre and has lovely beaches and a pretty harbour. We couldn't have anything other than fish and chips for lunch, so after our big feast, we picked a spot on the beach and spent the entire afternoon relaxing. There were loads of fish and crabs swimming close to the beach and many people were able to wade out quite far up to their waists among the fishing boats - it was lovely.

The beach at New Quay

Coby pretending to sleep with Al - complete with fake snoring noises!

Coby made some little friends

Snack time

Al tempts Coby into the water, but he wasn't convinced this time

He much preferred to play ball

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ifgodwasagoat said...

Great pics. Tks again for a top holiday. I haven't slept so soundly in a long time!