Saturday, September 15, 2007

Wales - Day 4

Maddy, Justin & Louis headed home today and soon it was just the three of us again. After waving them off, we decided to have a browse around the town of Machynlleth. It's a historic market town located at the head of the Dyfi esturary where Powys meets Gwynnedd and Ceredigion. The main attraction here is the quirky clock tower built in 1874. The town consists of two main streets - Heol PentreHedyn and Heol Maengwyn, the main street where you can find the historical Grade 1 listed Parliament House. The town is famous for the rebellious figure Owain Glyndwr.

We stopped for some lunch and then drove along the beautiful winding roads to Corris Craft Centre and King Arthur's Labyrinth. The centre contains all sorts of crafts from the heart of Wales - Tawny Owl Toys & Gifts, Quarry Pottery, Bumble Bee Quilting, The Candle Studio and Sylvantutch - custom made furniture inspired by nature.

The highlight though was the boat ride under the mountains to hear the tales of King Arthur. We suspected Coby would be scared, both Al and I found it to be pitch black in parts and a little claustrophobic, but he stunned us all by being completely patient and well behaved. He actually appeared curious and amazed by the sound and light effects. A funny moment occured as our guide led us back through the caverns, with only the sound of feet on gravel and the faint dripping of water, the peace and quiet was interrupted by Coby's voice echoing around...

"Eee I Eee I Oh"

Back in the bright sunshine, we enjoyed some Welsh cakes and a cup of coffee in the cafe while Coby tucked into a gingerbread man!

Preparing to enter the Labyrinth!

Always prepared is mummy!

Coby figures out his head gear

Of course - it was a struggle to keep it on

(image courtesy of website)

(image courtesy of website)

Coby's treat for being so well behaved

Happy to be back in daylight

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