Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lincolnshire Lad

Last Friday, Coby's nursery called me within half an hour of me dropping him off. He had suddenly developed a very high temperature - 41 degrees!!!!! Back at home, Al called NHS Direct who advised we take him to the GP. Al called at 3 o'clock and we got an appointment for 3.30. The diagnosis was a mild ear infection which crept up while Coby's immune system was working overtime following the MMR jab. Phew! 41 degrees though? That was scarily high.

Fortunately we had a trip to nana and grandad's in Lincolnshire planned , which always means a chance to relax and receive some TLC. We had a lovely time catching up with them and great uncle Tony. Coby was soon on the mend and had lots of fun being chased and tickled by grandad, roaming around the local garden centre and eating nana's hearty home cooked food yum yum

Some well deserved tender loving care

And some wrestling with grandad

"Nana & Grandad - I love you"

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