Thursday, March 22, 2007

Cuthroat Courtney & Crossbones Coby

Courtney celebrated his 1st birthday today and had a fantastic pirate themed party with Buccaneer's Fizz and yummy cakes. I attempted to deck Coby out in his pirate accessories including an eye patch, golden earring and hat, but I'm sure you can guess how long they stayed on for - all of 5 seconds!

Courtney's 'hearties' Josh, Anya, Leanna & Tiffany joined in with the pirate fun.....

"Shiver me timbers"

"He means blow me down"

"Dance the hempen jig"

"Avast Ye!" says Anya
"Dance the hempen jig refers to the hangman's noose - yikes Coby"

Don't worry Anya - its the Bumboo talking"

"All hands ahoy"

No, its birthday cake Courtney!

Coby: you're such a drivelswigger, Courtney!
Courtney retaliates: landlubber!

"All hands to the poop deck -
Coby head to the binnacle!"

Hee hee - the pirate phrases above were just for fun and were nicked, I mean appreciatively borrowed, from The Pirates Realm.


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