Monday, March 12, 2007

The REAL Joys of Motherhood

I love Coby so much and my patience can stretch for miles, but sometimes, just sometimes, it wears a little thin and I can't believe how trying he can be. It's not his fault at all because now he is walking, he wants to walk everywhere. This means that trying to strap him into his pushchair or car seat has become a screaming, arm-flailing, back arching, leg kicking flat refusal. Be pushed/driven around? In a chair with arm restraints? No way!

In Sainsbury's cafe today (oh yes, we know how to dine in style) I attempted to place him in his pushchair and he threw an extraordinary tantrum. Later, while we shopped, in between throwing things on the floor, he screamed his way around the store. Every time I tried to take something out of his hands - screeeeeech!!!! Everytime I gave him something to put in the trolley, which generally he is very good at, he chucked it on the floor. At the checkout, I managed to distact him with the boxes of red noses for about 2 minutes. I thought I was onto a winner, when all of a sudden...jar of marmalade? Smash! All over the floor! Glass! Sticky orange sludge! Irritated customers! Oh I was having a fab time!

Coby just looked down, pointed and said "oh oh".

Earlier this morning, he actually slapped me! As I'm writing this post, he is sat behind me kicking my back. What has happened to my little boy? Is this normal? Is it a boy thing? Is it a phase? Its certainly wearing me out and my patience is disappearing. In the post office, the queue was held up by a woman wanting to send a parcel to every bloody country in Europe. She got as far as Italy when I stormed out, rather obviously to the other customers. I never do that! I am the quiet one who stands in line obediently and is always first to apologise. I'm beginning to develop an attitude. I actually catch my reflection in the mirror and I look exasperated.

Whats going on?

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