Sunday, December 24, 2006

Coby of Sherwood

We went to visit friends up in Nottingham yesterday for the night and had a superb time. Coby came with us and made some new friends. Here he is hanging out with Jasmine (the second one he knows but this one is Jazzy P) - they are discussing who should have the yellow block.

That pic is a blurry action shot so here is one of Jazzy P showing her cheeky little chops in all their glory

And here is Coby with the wonderful Alfie...Alfie is about 2 and a hint at what lies ahead for us in about a year with the Cobester...Mission 1: Lose the dummy he he he.

We went for a stroll today and visited the river...the ducks and the swans went nuts for the bread we took...Jasmine and her dad, Gil, are sat dispensing bread, bloody brave if you ask me...

Then we visited a playground and here is Coby having fun on the swings...

And here he is on the roundabout holding onto Mum for dear life...

Well Crimbo is nearly here and Coby is well up for it...ripping paper is his fave hobby at the mo.

Ho Ho Ho!

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