Sunday, December 03, 2006

Bah Humbug!

Coby's nursery had a Xmas Open Day on Saturday, so the three of us went along for some festive fun. We guessed the weight of the Christmas Cake, ranging from 2lbs to 7lbs, we went for the top answer based on Coby's weight at birth. Then we entered the messy room and painted some tree decorations, a star and a reindeer with a red nose. Finally, we made our way upstairs to Santa's grotto, however, Coby wasn't happy to see Father Christmas and shed quite a few tears. As we left, he did manage a small wave goodbye and than promptly fell asleep in the car. Over-tired!

Coby and mummy get messy

Coby was sensible enough to wear an apron

Bah humbug! Coby wasn't impressed with Santa Claus

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