Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Little Norfolk Explorer

We've just returned from a chilly, but sunny holiday in Cromer, Norfolk with Coby and his grandparents. We explored as much as we could and introduced Coby to lots of exciting new things - reptiles, sharks, cockroaches and fossils! The best thing about Norfolk in December, is that everyone else is sensible enough to stay in the warm, so the sea front at Great Yarmouth was ours and ours alone. On Tuesday we visited a beautiful, picturesque town in the Glaven Valley called Holt. With its quaint little shops lit up for Christmas, it was like something from a Dickens novel. We found a fabulous delicatessen who were offering a free mince pie and a cup of hot mulled wine - so tasty, we purchased a bottle along with some boozy mincemeat and a christmas pud.

In Yarmouth we had an amazing time at the Sea Life Centre and watched the sharks and rays being fed, we had a close inspection of a rock pool with its anemones, starfish and crabs, saw teenie tiny sea horses and an octopus that likes to play with lego blocks! We also went on an adventure to Amazonia - World of Reptiles. We saw Goliath, a 13ft American alligator, although he was fast asleep under the water, languishing in the mud. We also got quite close to caimen, snakes, gheckos and turtles and a rather large cockroach roaming outside the glass - yikes! It didn't put us off our appetites though and we rounded up the day with fish and chips at the great Harry Ramsdens. Daddy and grandad decided to take Harry's Challenge - a whole giant prime of cod with tons of chips and not one, but TWO pots of mushy peas. Daddy condeded half way through, but grandad battled on. He didin't quite finish, but both of them suffered for it the next day - silly boys.

What's lurking around the corner?

Goliath, the alligator from Florida was fast asleep
"Thank Goodness" thinks Coby

Just watching the world go by

"Hey, pop a 20p in and make it snappy"

You can't come to the seaside
without having fish and chips!

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