Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Catch up time!

Well it's been a while since we had some Cobysnaps, so time to catch up...

On Monday, Coby had his 8 month development check and he now weighs 21lbs 4oz, is 69cm long and his head circumference is 45.5cm which is particularly signifcant for Coby's Uncle Ron who thinks Coby has exceptionally large temporal lobes - a sign of an intelligant brain? Or maybe he just has a big head!

On Wednesday, we met up with the other babies for the first time in ages. Obviously we have been dealing with our bereavement and various other things so we've not seen them all for three long weeks, so it was fantastic to catch up and find that Louis is now crawling!!!!! A lot can happen in three weeks eh?

Louis is on the loose!!!

We spent the afternoon at the outdoor pool in Hitchin and baked in the hot sunshine. The babies were covered in Factor 40 and the mums dared to bare in their costumes and bikinis. Coby found the water to be a little too cold and cried his eyes out before finding some entertainment with Alicia's toys...

Coby is almost crawling, but seems to have fun just turning in a circle and flipping over onto his tummy. I asked Maddy, Louis' mum, how she was finding it now that Louis is crawling. Her response was pained and exasperated! I'm told to prepare the stair gates and move everything out of harms way. Looks like we're weeks, maybe even days away from a whole new phase in Coby's world.

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