Saturday, September 16, 2006

10 Months Old Today!

Almost a year, but not quite - Coby is 10 months old today.

He was weighed on Thursday and is a cuddly 22lbs 13oz. He has yet to cut any teeth, but I feel he may only be weeks away now from walking!

We took him to a nursery yesterday to see how he got on and even though we only left him for about 10 minutes, the staff said he was smiley and happy to explore and play with the toys.

Our little boy is growing and becoming more beautiful by the day. Al and I are having a mini break in London this weekend and have left Coby with grandma Wendy - missing him? my tummy is in knots, but I'm trying my best to relax and enjoy the break. Can't wait to see him tomorrow though...

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