Saturday, September 16, 2006

London Town

On Saturday, while on our romantic weekend in the beautiful city that is London, Al and I had a great day out doing lots of touristy things, but blimey, London is so expensive! We went to the London Aquarium beneath our hotel at County Hall and saw sharks, piranhas, jellyfish, Clownfish and Blue Tangs, or Dory's as I like to refer to them.

We then walked across Westminster Bridge and along Whitehall to the Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms. This was amazing and really gave us a taste as to how things were during the war. The smell in the corridors and the sound of air raid sirens evoked a realism that made us appreciate just how dark and miserable those days were.

Ana Matronic from Scissor Sisters
(pic courtesy of

In the evening we had a very interesting Japanese meal, washed down with a very, very pricey bottle of Sake which, for the record, is mind-blowingly strong, so much so that a walk by the river was required to clear our heads. Lucky we did, because after walking along the Southbank, across the Hungerford Bridge, up to the Strand and down to Trafalgar Square, we were greeted by the distinctive sound of the Scissor Sisters performing "I Don't Feel Like Dancing" live in the square!

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