Thursday, September 07, 2006

Autumn Approaches

Coby returned to Gymbabes on Wednesday morning following a break for the summer holidays. Gemma, one of the leaders, was happy to see that Coby is now crawling. Most of his old friends have graduated to Tumble Tots because they are now walking, so there were some brand new faces to see. At the end of the class, Coby received his sticker which this week said "Gymbabes Love to Cuddle".

We then joined Olly & Jasmine for a wonderful afternoon in Lola's garden. Lola's mummy Michaela bought out some tea and cakes including a jam sponge that I made. The kids on the other hand, got stuck into the fruit...

Who ate all the raspberries?

Lola mistakes Coby's toes for food

After a bowl of strawberries and kiwi,
Coby looks to mummy for more

A blissful September afternoon
in the sunshine

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