Wednesday, September 27, 2006

CBeebies Rocks!

Coby joins in with Boogie Beebies

We watch a little in the mornings after breakfast if we're not going out for a few hours. I know all of the tunes to all of the shows (I particularly love Balamory) and I've even logged on to the CBeebies website to play some of the games. One of Coby's favourite shows is 'Me Too' and you can build your own Riverseafingal, which is the name of the town on the show. Coby also loves Tikkabilla, Something Special, Underground Ernie and Boogie Beebies.

Coby loves Tamba in Tikkabilla

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Mrs Moo said...

Coby - you have the life! Playing with your friends, napping and all those toys to play with in the bath. Beats getting up at 3.45am to drive Muncle to the airport for his meeting in Holland. Lots of love Aunty Moo XXX