Saturday, February 16, 2008

Woodside Farm

On this gloriously sunny day, we headed to Woodside Animal Farm near Luton. We met up with Michaela & Lola, Maddy, Justin & Louis and Paula, Mark & Jasmine. And we had a wonderful time showing the kids all the different animals. Coby was introduced to llamas, chipmunks, capybaras and otters, but only seemed interested in rabbits and kept shouting "oh rabbits - where are you?".

We took the kids on the Helter Skelter slide, trampolines, tractor ride and the indoor adventure playground too and they all sat down nicely to munch on their sandwiches at lunch time.

A capybara - the largest living rodent in the world

A cute squirrel monkey

A chipmunk fills his cheeks

Hungry goats

Even hungrier llamas

Mark & Jasmine admire the chipmunks

Jasmine waves from the merry-go-round

Lola & Coby take their turn

Lola on her tractor

Louis liked the red one

Coby decided he liked the red one too

Lola & Coby huddled together against the cold

Some tired toddlers at the end of our visit

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