Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Potty Training Part 1

Now those are words to fill any parent with dread - or is it just me? In spite of my reservations, I got cracking on Saturday and prepared for lots of accidents. Of course, accidents are what we got, but with one hit on the potty, we were more than impressed with Coby's first day. Sunday saw the turn of dad with his mop and bucket, however, there were more hits than misses and we began to relax a little. Sunday nights we take Coby to granny's house for his two day stint there and so we headed over with the potty, 500 pairs of pants and lots of clothes. We are not sure whether to believe granny or not, but apparently she had zero accidents for two whole days!! Hmmmm!! Today, was a different story all together and Coby had several misses again, but we were out and about a lot and he may have felt a little self conscious - onwards and upwards though and with nursery for the next couple of days, we're secretly pleased that they can get the mop and bucket out for now!

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