Sunday, November 16, 2008

Birthday Boy

What a weekend Coby's birthday turned out to be! Party aside, lots of people arrived to help him celebrate. Teresa and Adam joined us at the Angel's Reply along with grandma Wendy. Then we went back to the house and were joined by Great Aunt June and....nanny and grandad!
On Sunday, June, mum and dad came over bright and early for the grand present opening ceremony. Mum and dad were also celebrating their 34th wedding anniversary, so we had some cards and presents for them too. We spent the day playing with Coby's fabulous new toys and in the evening we enjoyed a meal at L'Artista in town. Thanks to everyone for the cards and gifts, I think Coby fulfilled his quota for the year...

Coby gets creative

A birthday hug with daddy

The grand present opening ceremony begins

And nanny opens her cards too

Happy Birthday son!

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