Monday, November 09, 2009

Bananas About Ben

Ben Tennyson is a boy who, with the help of a special watch called The Omnitrix, can transform himself into various alien forms. Coby is slightly obsessed and told me yesterday that "Ben 10 and Scooby Doo are my favourite characters". We would never have guessed! For several months now we've had the birthday wish list at least once a day - "I want Scooby Doo Stretch, Scooby Doo Hide & Seek, Scooby Doo Mansion playset, Ben 10 alien characters, Ben 10 dressing up costume, Ben 10 this, Ben 10 that"

In addition, Coby has now been introduced to the movie E.T. and really likes it, even though we receive a barrage of questions throughout...."what is the alien called? why is he called E.T.? why are they looking for him? what do the scientists want to do to him?Can you believe the film is 27 years old now? (sorry that was my question).

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Mummy said...

Hi Coby,

I have designed some Ben 10 stuff at work. I am not at worka t th moment as I am looking after your pal Kirana, but I can see if I can get some stuff for your birthday... Hope the card has arrived posted it really really early due to strikes.

Lots of love
"Auntie" Suzie & family XXX

P.S. Please ask your Mummy/Daddy to tell me if it's Ben 10 classic (when he is 10 years old) or Ben 10 Alien Force that you like best? (How sad am I for even know the difference!! - that is what happens when you design some of the merchandise). Thanks!