Saturday, February 27, 2010

Farewell Waterstones!

Today was a strange day of relief and sadness. My decision to leave work to concentrate on the new house and, more than anything, being with my lovely Coby, ended up being easier than I thought. Most of you will have learnt that I adored my job as a children's bookseller at Waterstones in Hitchin. I started as a Sunday girl in May 2007 and progressed to full time bookseller, dedicated to the children's section in March 2008. The team there were truly wonderful and have been so good to me through my operation last year, Wendy's illness and passing and my child care problems. In particular, the manager, Alison, was patient and accomodating during a very tough year for retail with redundancies and pressures from Head Office. However, I was tired and weary and had very little time for family life, my weekends especially were often taken up with work and I missed Coby's nativity play and various other events. The hardest thing of all was handing back my staff discount card! I reluctantly placed it in Alison's hand - 33% off was very generous....

With James, Matt, Mark & Phil

Phil, forever grateful for introducing me to graphic novels

James, a shared love for Taylor Lautner

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