Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Babies Are Back!

After a few weeks absent from the other babies, we were delighted to all meet up again today and remind ourselves of the chaos that ensues when Coby, Louis, Lola, Alicia, Jasmine and Olly are together. To be fair, they are all delightful and play together tremendously well. It is very entertaining to watch them interact and see any trends or familiar behaviour develop. Coby and Louis always seem to wrestle, Jasmine always seems to observe quietly, Alicia happily plays away the time on her own, Lola crawls to each of them in turn to see who is more exciting to hang out with while Olly just seems happy to be among his buddies and sup contentedly on his bottle. Paula was the lovely hostess today, on hand with carrot cake, ginger cake and healthy cereal bars, which were hardly any calories you know!

"I'll pop some highlights in here for you Ms Morton"

"Don't look now Cobes, but I think we've been caught"

Coby is delighted with the singing reindeer

And so is Jasmine

Hey, its Olly!

Happy to be back with his chums

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