Monday, April 23, 2007

Coby Takes Notice

All previous visits to our local farm were met with a bit of indifference but now of course, Coby is fascinated by the animals and even showed some favouritism towards the cute, fluffy bunnies. We showed Coby some ducklings and than took him to see how big they grow along with some strutting cockeralls and rather ugly pheasants. He seemed a little scared of the goats because they came quite close to the fence and made a lot of noise. He was also wary of the pigs and sheep, but overall he loved being able to roam around and especially loved the farm shop where he pointed to every tractor and declared "car!"

What's that Coby?

A closer inspection is called for

The fluffiest bunny we've ever seen!

The cockeralls were rather magnificent too

Daddy shows Coby the model railway

Coby wasn't sure about the lambs -
he toddled off and made some friends instead

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