Monday, May 07, 2007

What is a Trillion?

There's an interesting article on the BBC today about how challenging it is to make the number one trillion meaningful to us, the ordinary public. As an illustration of just how large a trillion is, if you compare the fact that a million seconds equals 11.5 days and a billion seconds is 32 years, it would be astonishing to discover that a trillion seconds is equal to 32,000 years!

Anyway, aside from an interesting article, it made me ponder over what a trillion nappies looked like, so here's a puzzle for you...

The BBC article estimates that if you can get 50,000 pennies into a cubic foot - a trillion pennies would fill two St Paul's Cathedrals - based on that estimation, what do you think a trillion nappies would equate to?

No right or wrong answer for this, although I'm sure Al would come up with something close enough to a valid solution if you gave him enough time to work it out, but just for fun, we'd be interested to hear some suggestions.

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