Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A Grand Weekend

Coby has been staying with nanny and grandad in Lincolnshire since last Thursday! It's the longest period of time that we've been without him and it wasn't easy, although it has been a welcome break for us with time to relax and a lovely treat for mum and dad. Unfortunately mum has spent the last couple of nights in hospital. She had a chest and sinus infection and because she is between chemotherapy threatments, her platelets are low, so it was best that the hospital kept her monitored. Hopefully she'll be home today!

Over the weekend, they took Coby out and about including a trip to see Santa...!

Somebody's hiding!

"This bit goes there...."

"Wish me luck"


Checking out the lights with uncle Tony

"Ho ho ho, Coby - Merry Christmas"

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