Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Series of Fortunate Events

Coby has had a very enjoyable couple of days at nursery this week. And he should be making the most of his remaining time in Nutkins as he is moving up to pre-school in September! A little earlier than expected because obviously he isn't three until November, but four places are available and Coby is one of the oldest, so up he goes with his friends Nathan, Hattie, Finlay and Charlotte. On Friday he and his pals took a trip to the local library for story time. His key worker told me they all looked cute in their flourescent jackets as they toddled hand in hand across the road.

On Saturday morning I took Coby to the cinema to see The Fox & the Child. It was a beautiful film and Coby sat still for at least half of it, munching popcorn and asking questions. He informed Lola and Louis, who joined us too, that the film was about a fox and a child and that it was a bit scary! At one point, Louis announced he needed a wee wee and so Lola and Coby decided they all needed one too. We all breezed very quickly up the isle hand in hand, but we think Lola and Coby were just following a trend as our toilet break resulted in nothing! This happened two more times and eventually Coby and Louis decided to sit right at the bottom of the screen and dance around in the space there with Lola looking on and saying "they are naughty mummy". As the lights went up, we all glanced at the carpet of popcorn beneath us and chuckled. For £1.50 per child and free for the accompanying adult, we thought it was a pretty good deal!

And we're off to the cinema...

Coby saw the poster for Madagascar 2
and commented "that looks good"

"I want sweets!"

Saturday afternoon and Coby was off to his friend Lilian's 3rd birthday party at the leisure centre. There was a bouncy castle and trampoline and Coby caught up with some of his pals from nursery, Nathan, Charlotte, Oliver and of course the birthday girl! The food looked delicious and Pass the Parcel was a big success with every child receiving a small gift. After such an eventful day, Coby began to wilt and as tiredness gripped him, grumpiness also took hold, but he did well to last from 6.45am to 5.15pm without stopping!

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