Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Portugal Part II

Unfortunately, for some reason, Coby hated the water. He wouldn't go in the pool or set foot anywhere near the sea. To be fair, the pools were pretty cold and it put the rest of us off quite a bit. Al and Justin performed the classic "lets just grab him and put him in the water" act, but, with Coby crying, shivering and calling for mummy the whole time, they gave up after about 5 minutes!

The little lad was far happier on dry land and instead thought it was hilarious to run around the edge of the pool with one of his rather irritated and concerned parents running after him - a novel way to acquire a tan. Al and I both took it in turns to run around the water park to show him there was no need to be fearful, but he wasn't interested.

On Sunday evening we took a taxi into the old town of Albufeira. There was street performers and lots of busy restuarants and cocktail bars and with the warmth of the setting sun, yet a cool breeze, we felt very relaxed as we basked in the smells of food, the bustle of the market stalls and the beauty of the town.

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