Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day1/2 - Dublin

Uncle Mark hangs out with the boys


Coby & Charlie

Best pals Craig & Coby

We had a very early flight to Dublin and had to leave the house at 4.30a.m. - mummy was not pleased, she doesn't function as normal when her routine is all messy! After a cuffuffle at the airport with two suitcases being overweight and having to buy another to balance the load, we fastened our seatbelts and took off for the Emerald Isle. After arriving in Dublin we collected our hire car and drove to 'Uncle' Mark's house in Clondalkin where we spent a lovely couple of days relaxing. Uncle Mark is marrying Suzanne next April and they have baby Charlie as well as 12 year old Craig, it was great for Coby to hang out with Craig and even played football with him and some of his friends. On Friday, Al, Coby and I headed into Dublin and bought presents for our hosts to say thank you for having us stay....thanks guys!

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