Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Birthday Party

Can you believe that my duties as mum and hostess for the afternoon kept me so busy? No time to even delegate someone as official photographer? Fortunately there were others capturing Coby's special occasion...phew! Until my saviours come up with the evidence, I thought this picture summed up the day....

Thank you to Mark and Teresa for Coby's fabulous Spurs home kit, bought to him straight from the store in Tottenham. Coby was joined at his party by his close friends, Alicia, Jasmine, Lola, Louis and Oliver. We feasted on mini sandwiches, sausage rolls (thanks Maddy), cheese twists and cup cakes. I even made two jellys, but forgot all about them in the fridge!

Coby received some wonderful gifts and over 30 birthday cards - thank you one and all

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