Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Well, we've had an absolute whirlwind of a week. 1st birthdays here, there and everywhere!
We had an unfortunate start to the week when Al and I came down with food poisoning. Grandma Wendy had to swing into action and come over to take care of Coby because we were so poorly. On Monday evening, we started to feel a little better, but then Coby was sick and, just as a precaution, we took him to A&E to be checked over. The triage nurse offered him one of those cardboard bowls for...erh hmm...I declined for Coby but accepted for myself. Fortunately, he did not have a temperature and his heart rate was fine, so after waiting two hours, we decided to take him home to bed. We arrived home around midnight, exhausted and clawed our way into bed. I am happy to report that we are all on the mend now.

So, catching up, Coby is now 23lbs, 15oz and 73.8cm long. His hair is blond and curly at the sides. His eyes are chocolate brown. His first tooth is still peeping through on the bottom row, but has yet to make a full appearance. He can walk with his toddler truck, but not yet independently. He babbles quite a bit, mainly mamma, and he can switch the TV on and off. Amazing to watch your child grow from a tiny baby to a toddler and even more amazing that it happens so quickly. Thank heavens for Teplet - blogging about it certainly helps us keep track.

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