Friday, February 16, 2007

Woe Be Coby

Poor little Coby has been under the weather all week long. We suspect, as does our GP, that he is teething and sure enough we can feel a molar coming through at the back of his gums, but there are all sorts of bugs being picked up and passed around at the moment, so its quite likely he's had both. It all started on Sunday evening when Coby was sick in his cot, we all had a very restless night and Monday was spent cleaning up after him and doing lots of washing. He slept on and off all day and was very lethargic and had a temperature too. His temp disappeared on Tuesday and he perked up enough to visit his friends Jacob and Anya. He has been up and down since, culminating in an early pick up from nursery today because he was not happy. He has been very clingy towards me and extremely subdued. Not much fun at all and we're really missing the happy, smiley Coby. He has still managed to make us chuckle though. While I was topping up with Calpol in the local supermarket on Wednesday, Coby watched as I reached for the box. He took his dummy out and opened his mouth in readiness for a spoonful. I had to hide it in the folds of the pushchair and rush to the checkout before his cries of "I want it mummy" subsided.

Anyway, exhaustion has taken over once more and my washing machine and tumble dryer have booked themselves a holiday somewhere far away from the whites and darks of laundry hell.

It has also been half term this week for Coby's classes which has resulted in many hours spent going slowly insane at home with the Tweenies, Teletubbies, Tweenies, Teletubbies, Tweenies, Teletubbies.....

Coby is slowly starting to peel himself away from the sofa and the forecast is looking a little brighter. As he turns 15 months old today, we're hoping this teething lark is reaching its peak and we'll soon see Coby toddling into the sunset.

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