Friday, August 10, 2007

A Grand Old Time

Me and mummy had another brilliant time at nanny and grandad's this week. Nanny has just had some more special medicine to help her get better and she looks a little different, so I was a bit confused. Mummy said she was wearing a wig and then she was wearing a pretty scarf around her head, but I know it was still the same old nanny really. We did loads of great stuff. We went to the woods on Tuesday and explored and saw lots of very big and very old trees. Mummy and nanny hugged a few and I soon copied. On Wednesday we went to Sands Farm and had a snack in the cafe before seeing lots of pond fish and some horses. Then we had a picnic in Central Park and grandad had to keep chasing after me. Before heading home, we looked around the big superstore and I had loads of fun in the furniture department bouncing up and down on the mini sofas. Then we went into the garden centre and I was crawling in and out of the tents and tunnels and mummy swung me back and forth in a hammock which made me giggle a lot.

"Come on everyone - keep up"

"Peek-a-boo nanny!"

Home sweet home with grandad
and great uncle Tony

Since my visit to nanny and grandad, I have said a few more words and phrases. I now say "where are we", "more please" and "empty". And if you sing Old McDonald, I sing "Ee I Ee I O" and I sing it all day long! I also hum Twinkle Twinkle, The Wheels on the Bus and Balamory.

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