Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Losing Nemo

Coby has gone mad for DVDs at the moment. As soon as he comes downstairs each morning, he cries 'Nemo' or 'Story' which means Toy Story. The tally for viewings so far is as follows:

Finding Nemo - 20 times
Monsters Inc: 8 times
Toy Story: 6 times
Toy Story 2: 6 times

Now lets be honest, these are wonderful films. Superb animation and very funny and entertaining, but when you know the dialogue by heart and you've seen them 20 times over, you can start to feel a little exasperated. Even more so when Coby starts to watch one film and then 10 minutes in, wants to watch another. As I write this, we're watching Finding Nemo and he has just handed Toy Story to me saying "yes please", "yes please".

Thanks Disney Pixar!

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