Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Open House

Our house was like Piccadilly Circus today! First of all Michaela and Lola popped round for tea and a quick catch up. As they were leaving, Angela arrived with Alicia and Samuel. Angela had an appointment in the afternoon, so I offered to look after Alicia while she went off with Samuel. Praise the sun for being so bright and hot this afternoon - I whipped out the paddling pool, threw some toys on the lawn and Coby and Alicia were amused for ages. Alicia was a delight to look after. She and Coby played peek-a-boo with the patio doors and splashed around in the pool. After a while Vicky arrived with Oliver, followed by Maddy with Louis, who bought ice-creams for us all - mmmmmm. Then Angela came back to collect Alicia, but decided to stay a while and chill out with us in the garden. In between all of this, Al was working from home, but snuck down a couple of times to see everyone. Finally, Simon came to pick up Vicky and Olly, but couldn't resist the offer of a cup of tea. Olly was due to have his heart surgery this week, but it has been postponed until later this month as he has an ear infection. Which worked out lovely for us as we got to spend some quality time with them instead.

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