Saturday, November 03, 2007

Coby's Discovery

"Look what I found!"

"Ready, steady, GO!"

We bought Coby a lovely bike for his birthday and hid it in the garage. However, last week while I was loading the recycling into the car, Coby wandered into the garage and discovered his secret present poking out from under my clever bin bag disguise (clearly not so clever). As soon as he saw it there were 'oohs' and ahhs' and 'bike! want it'. Of course I relented and let him have a quick ride up and down the road. The bike is covered in Winnie the Pooh pictures which Coby adores and during a trip to the shops on Wednesday, he kept hopping off to check the characters were still there - very cute. He also had Woody from Toy Story nestled in the trailer at the back.

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